Lala Kent Claims She Never Fat-Shamed Katie Maloney: ‘I’ll Shame Her Face’

Lala Kent may not be getting along with the girls on Vanderpump Rules this season, as she doesn’t care about ganging up on one another. Lala doesn’t really like how Kristen Doute, Stassi Schroeder, and Katie Maloney have become a group of mean girls and Kent doesn’t enjoy often being the target of their harsh comments. But during the season’s first episode, Lala and James Kennedy were accused of body-shaming Katie Maloney for gaining some weight. They teased her for gaining some weight and James actually asked her if she was pregnant.

According to a new tweet, Lala Kent is now revealing that she didn’t body-shame Katie at all. Instead, she shamed Katie as a person and her body, including her face, just happened to be a part of it. Apparently, Kent doesn’t like anything about Katie and she has no problem sharing her thoughts about her Vanderpump Rules co-star. Rather than body-shaming, Kent calls it “Katie shaming.”

“I dont ‘fat shame.’ I shamed Katie 4 evrythg she is.I’ll shame her face her mind her body and her soul bc she’s mean. Its called ‘Katie shaming,'” Lala Kent revealed on Twitter, denying that she had ever gone after Katie because of her weight and denying that she had ever fat-shamed anyone.

“And your moms said you were a nice girl. Can’t buy this entertainment,” one person wrote back to Lala Kent, who replied with, “there is a difference between being nice and getting walked on. I am nice…. If you’re nice: Capisce?”

It sounds like some people are having a hard time seeing Lala Kent as a nice girl when she writes things like this. Kent wants people to know that Katie herself started this situation and that Lala would have never said anything about her body if Katie hadn’t said something about her. On this season of Vanderpump Rules, Katie is convinced that Lala Kent is dating a married man and she isn’t slowing down when it comes to the accusations. Lala just wants to fight back to protect herself, even if it means coming with some harsh comments.

“Why do you attack all the girls if your anger is only towards Katie? That summer bodies comment was uncalled for,” another person pointed out to Lala, who replied with, “ummm have you watched the show? They are literally bullying me like we are back in the MySpace ages. Don’t come for me.”

Even though some people can’t understand Lala Kent‘s stance on Katie, they don’t appreciate the way Maloney talks about Kent either. And it sounds like some Vanderpump Rules fans and viewers can appreciate the way Lala Kent is standing up for herself and fighting against the mean accusations that are coming from Katie, Stassi Schroeder, and Kristen Doute.

“I rarely go through my DMs- but wow, I am overwhelmed by the amount of love&positivity y’all are sending my way. I [heart] U! U R my everything,” Kent revealed, sharing that she had gotten plenty of support from fans who enjoyed her stance on the three mean girls.

Fans may feel closer to Lala Kent because she is tweeting with fans on Monday nights when Vanderpump Rules is on television and this week, she revealed that her female co-stars were just thirsty for attention.

“They’re thirsty, thirsty little girls that need a drink, and I can’t provide water for them,” Lala Kent tweeted on Monday as Vanderpump Rules aired, sharing that her co-stars were just thirsty for more drama and TV time.

What do you think of Lala Kent’s tweets about not going after Katie’s body?

[Featured Image by Rochelle Brodin/Getty Images for De Re Gallery]