Emily Ratajkowski Has Been Taken Advantage Of For The Last Time: ‘I’ve Had Enough!’

Emily Ratajkowski is enjoying a wild ride to success these days, as both a model and an actress, most notable for her topless appearance in Robin Thicke’s 2013 “Blurred Lines” music video and her role in the 2014 film Gone Girl. With two new films in the works, Emily is sure to become a household name soon enough, but her rise to stardom isn’t going to be unmarred by scandal. Like many people, Ratajkowski’s past has its dark corners, and one period in her life is coming back to haunt her, as Emily becomes the subject of a new erotic photography book from Jonathan Leder.

Emily Ratajkowski’s Dark Past Comes Back To Haunt Her, Courtesy Of Jonathan Leder

About four years ago, Emily Ratajkowski had been struggling to achieve success as a model and actress, and as it happens for many aspiring artists, Emily made some bad decisions. As the Washington Post reveals, one of those bad decisions caused Emily to find herself in the home of photographer Jonathan Leder and at the mercy of his Polaroid camera. Hundreds of pictures were taken, and as Leder focuses much of his work on capturing images of the erotic, many of them captured Ratajkowski wearing little or no clothing.

Unlike the “nudes” frequently seen on the web from popular celebrities, these pictures weren’t censored, with a well-placed hand or an obstructing carpet, handbag, or lamp shade. Instead, these nudes of Emily Ratajkowski are more akin to the images often seen in the men’s magazines of days past.

Now, as Ms. Ratajkowski gains notoriety, Leder has gathered these pictures and included 71 of them in a new collector’s book, titled Leder / Ratajkowski, pricing the photography book at $80 per copy.

The official website for the Leder / Ratajkowski book describes Emily as “a vintage pin-up queen with a 21st Century edge” and boasts the model’s sex appeal before including Leder’s recollection of that fateful night in 2012.

“We shot for two nights in the Cape House in Woodstock, NY. Just her and I. I think the results speak for themselves. I will say it was a very lovely shoot. She was very, shall we say, comfortable with her body and as far as shoots go, I would say it was fun,” recalls Leder. “Over the course of the two evenings, we shot about a hundred Polaroids, most of them which are now presented here, many for the first time.”

Emily Fires Back Over Nudes In Leder / Ratajkowski Collector’s Book

As soon as Ms. Ratajkowski learned of Jonathan Leder’s plans for the Polaroids they had shot together, the New York Daily News reports the actress took immediate action, demanding that Leder cease his plans to publish the images. Emily maintains her contention that she never authorized the release or use of the nude photographs.

“This book and the images within them are a violation,” Ratajkowski tweeted in a public rant. “These photos being used w/out my permission is an example of exactly the opposite of what I stand for: women choosing when and how they want to share their sexuality and bodies.”

Emphasizing her belief that the woman, not the photographer, should have the right to choose where and how nude photographs are released, Ms. Ratajkowski reveals that the shoot was for a one-time use in “an artful magazine shoot back in 2012” and implies the remaining photos should have been destroyed.

“To be clear: I signed no release & was not paid,” Emily continued to explain on Twitter. “That said, the legal side of this is private and I would appreciate it if people waited to base their opinions on facts rather than speculation or assumptions.”

Initially, Ratajkowski had planned to remain silent about the book, hoping that, by not drawing attention to Leder’s book, the entire ordeal would quietly die away. After a full week, since the Leder / Ratajkowski book’s release, however, Emily had decided that she’d “had enough” of the exposure.

Jonathan Leder has not responded to requests for comment, following the statements made by Emily Ratajkowski.

[Featured Image by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images]