Husband Divorces, Sues Wife For Having ‘Ugly’ Baby

Divorce is never pretty. But rarely are divorce cases as ugly as this: A husband divorced and sued his wife for having an ugly baby. Northern China resident Jian Feng allegedly married his wife and was “absolutely in love with her.” Soon, the couple became pregnant. That’s when the trouble began.

Upon the baby’s birth, Feng noticed that the baby was … ugly. So ugly, in fact, that Feng couldn’t believe that the little girl he was seeing came from the beautiful woman he married. He reportedly accused his wife of adultery, since the baby looked nothing like either of her parents. He insisted that his wife tell him who the real father of the ugly baby was.

The wife insisted that the baby did look like her. Or at least, what she used to look like.

Feng’s wife admitted to having over $100,000 worth of intensive plastic surgery before she met and married him. The surgery completely altered the way that she appeared. Obviously, her genes were passed on to her baby girl, but not the genes that Feng was expecting … or wanted.

According to The Stir, Feng divorced his wife, then sued her for lying to him about her previous looks and surgeries. Feng won the court case, taking home a settlement of $120,000.

Readers: Do you think that Feng should have divorced his wife for lying? What about the baby girl, will this have any effect on her?

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