Prince Harry Meets Pop Star Rihanna In Barbados For 50th Independence Celebrations

Prince Harry met up with pop icon Rihanna on Wednesday while he was on his Caribbean tour. The two met at the 50th anniversary event marking the celebration of the country’s independence.

Prince Harry was pleased to meet the beautiful star. Rihanna’s native country was celebrating its 50th anniversary since it gained independence from Britain, which is where Prince Harry hails from. There was an exchange of greetings and then they went ahead and sat down next to each other on a stage where they watched the celebrations. One of Prince Harry’s royal aides revealed that the prince was alerted that Rihanna would be in attendance 20 minutes before he arrived. It was however not the first time that they met because they encountered each other at an afternoon event held in Bridgetown.


“We thought he would be meeting her for the first time at the concert,” the royal aide revealed.

Rihanna was scheduled to perform the Barbados national anthem at the anniversary celebrations. The 28-year-old artist was clad in a knee-high pale blue dress and she sat at the same table where Guyana’s president, David Granger was seated at the afternoon event. It was also directly across the table where the British prince was seated. Prince Harry was wearing his insignia since he is a Knight Commander of the royal Victorian Order. He also wore his honorable medals in honor of the event.

Prince Harry meets Rihanna at Barbados 50th Independence
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The British prince landed in Barbados just ten days after he commenced his tour of the Caribbean. The tour was supposed to be two weeks long and it kicked off in Antigua. Harry has been making the trips on behalf of Queen Elizabeth II who also happens to be his grandmother. The Queen is 90-years-old and has left the traveling to the young lad. The price also had a message for Barbados on behalf of the queen.

“Prince Philip and I send our warmest wishes to the Government and the people of Barbados. Our countries have a shared history, shared values, and an affection which continues to bind us. On this day of celebration, I send my congratulations to you on your Golden Jubilee of Independence,” pointed out Queen Elizabeth in the speech which was delivered by Prince Harry.

Prince Harry meets Rihanna
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During his ten-day trip to Barbados, Prince Harry carried on with his philanthropic endeavors and visited a children’s home on Tuesday. He also visited patients the following day at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital. He also carried out other activities such as planting a Mangrove tree at the Grand Anse Beach. He toured the coral and Mangrove restoration projects and spent some time enjoying some entertainment from stilt walkers.

Prior to his Barbados visit, the price passed by Saint Vincent where he was adorned with a declaration of love and Saint Lucia where he had some fun while playing cricket. Prince Harry and Rihanna had a conversation while at the Kensington Oval cricket ground in Bridgetown where they sat together. Bridgetown happens to be Rihanna’s hometown where she was raised. There was a big crowd of roughly 20,000 people who cheered when the British royalty was introduced by Prime Minister, Freundel Stuart. They also cheered mightily for their home-grown talent, Rihanna. The Prime Minister also compelled the guests to toast to the nation and its Independence.


Prince Harry also told the massive crowd that their country’s independence was a declaration of confidence in their own future. The two countries have maintained strong diplomatic ties despite Barbados acquiring independence in 1966. Prince Harry and Rihanna were not scheduled to meet though it ended up being a pleasant surprise for both of them.