Where Is Julian Assange After Pizzagate, Clinton Emails, CIA Claims And UN Ruling?

There can be no doubt that recent events surrounding WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange go beyond bizarre. In early October Assange was largely cut off from the world when the Ecuadorian Embassy in London cut off his internet access. The Ecuadorian Embassy claimed that they took this action because they believed that Assange was interfering in the U.S. presidential election. As we all know Assange had promised that WikiLeaks would be releasing material of huge importance as the election grew closer. Amongst the information released by Assange and WikiLeaks were emails from John Podesta who headed up Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

In summary those emails, and a subsequent investigation by internet sleuths, suggested that Hillary Clinton and Podesta were connected to a satanic pedophile ring operating from a Washington D.C. pizza joint. As was reported in the Inquisitr last week Assange disappeared from public view. As a result it was being claimed that Assange had either been assassinated or taken into U.S. custody and that WikiLeaks had been taken over by U.S. officials.

Speculation reached fever-pitch last week as supporters of Assange and WikiLeaks asked for “proof of life.” As reported by the International Business Times WikiLeaks responded by asking people to stop asking for proof of life but, as many people claimed, if WikiLeaks had been taken over by the CIA, then they would be keen to see an end to claims that Assange was dead.

Over the weekend it was claimed that Assange had conducted a telephone interview at the fifth annual Free Connected Minds conference, which was held in Beirut. Assange apparently mentioned the death of Fidel Castro, something that would have proved that the conversation was not pre-recorded.

Julian Assange’s story took another sharp twist earlier this week. The Express reports that WikiLeaks has released over 500,000 messages related to U.S. foreign policy in the middle-east. Assange claims that the cables, which date all the way back to 1979, show that decisions made by U.S. administrations, in collaboration with Saudi Arabia, led directly to the formation of islamic terrorist group ISIS.

“Mr Assange said a decision by the CIA, together with Saudi Arabia, to plough billions of dollars into arming the Mujahideen fighters in Afghanistan to tackle the Soviet Union, had led to the creation of terror group al-Qaeda.”

“This, in turn, he said led to the 9/11 terror strikes, the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq by the U.S., and the creation of ISIS.”

Have The CIA Taken Control Of WikiLeaks?

If the CIA has taken over WikiLeaks it is unlikely that they would have allowed Assange to release information that claims they are directly responsible for the formation of a terrorist group responsible for creating turmoil across the globe.

Wikileaks release of the Clinton emails on the run up to the presidential election was controversial, especially as it appears the information may have come from state-sponsored hackers. According to the Independent, U.S. security officials are convinced that Russia is behind the leaked Podesta and Clinton emails.

The director of the National Security Agency, Admiral Michael Rogers, who also commander of the US Cyber Command, says that the hacking of emails from Ms. Clinton’s campaign chairman John Podesta was not “by chance,” and that Hillary Clinton’s emails were leaked to WikiLeaks in a “conscious effort” to influence the U.S. election. The comments on the Clinton email scandal follows similar comments from the Director of National Intelligence and the Department of Homeland Security last month. On that occasion, officials stated directly that Russia was responsible.

“The U.S. Intelligence Community (USIC) is confident that the Russian Government directed the recent compromises of e-mails from U.S. persons and institutions, including from US political organisations.”

The Express reports that during the Free Connected Minds conference Assange denied that the CIA has taken control of WikiLeaks and said he is still “very much in charge.”

So Where Is Julian Assange After The UN Court Ruling Yesterday?

The Washington Times reports that a United Nations panel has denied an appeal by UK authorities against a previous ruling that Assange is “arbitrarily detained” in the Ecuadorian embassy in London. Assange took refuge in the embassy in 2012 and has been granted political asylum by Ecuador. Despite this, Assange has been forced to remain inside the embassy for the past four-years.

It is not clear what this ruling means for Assange’s future but the U.N. ruling essentially states that Julian is “de-facto” in custody because he has been unable to leave the Ecuadorian embassy without being arrested by UK police.

“The Working Group on Arbitrary Detention considers that the various forms of deprivation of liberty to which Julian Assange has been subjected constitute a form of arbitrary detention.”

Assange is said to be delighted by the ruling as he believes that it should lead to his freedom.

“Now that all appeals are exhausted I expect that the UK and Sweden will comply with their international obligations and set me free.”

“It an obvious and grotesque injustice to detain someone for six years who hasn’t even been charged with an offense.”

At present neither the UK nor the Swedish administrations have indicated what they plan to do about Assange and his “arbitrary detention” in the Ecuadorian embassy.

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