Angelina Jolie Not Substituting Food With Cigarettes Amid Her Gruelling Custody Battle With Brad Pitt [Debunked]

Angelina’s ongoing custody battle with Brad Pitt has allegedly aggravated her smoking habits according to new reports. A headline published by OK! Magazine via Gossip Cop, “Stress Is A Drag For Angie,” claims that the Maleficent actress has been substituting food with cigarettes. The tipster went on to say that Angelina has tried to quit for years but was unsuccessful.

“Angie easily gets through two packs of Parliaments a day. She’s been in a constant state of anxiety since filing those divorce papers, and the only thing that calms her down is her smokes.”

Gossip Cop dismissed the claims and reported that the mother-of-six, although in the middle of a taxing situation, is not relying on cigarettes. As if the couple’s custody battle isn’t stressful enough, things might go awry with the recent news that the biological parents of their adopted sons, Maddox and Pax, could soon surface. Radar Online reports that Pax’s birth mother, Pham Thu Dung, will soon come out of the prison. “I’m sure both Brad and Angie are freaking out over this. It’s been a fear from day one that the biological parents of their adopted kids would resurface,” said the publication’s source.

Brad Pitt with his children Pax Jolie-Pitt, Shiloh Jolie-Pitt, and Maddox Jolie-Pitt. [Image by Matt Sayles/Invision/AP Images]

When Angelina adopted Maddox, she was told that his Cambodian parents were already dead. However, his adoption was arranged by agent Lauryn Galindo who was later imprisoned in the U.S. for fraud and money laundering. Lauryn has processed more than 800 adoptions and what’s disheartening is many of the adopted children’s biological parents are still actually alive. Maddox was allegedly sold by her mother for a mere $100. The reports remain unverified especially since Lauryn refused to comment as per the publication.

Despite the differences between Angelina and Brad, they remain devoted to their children.

“No doubt Angie’ll be praying this can all be fixed with a blank check, but the trauma of possibly losing any of their children is both Angie and Brad’s worst nightmare come true.”

The Jolie-Pitt kids recently spent their Thanksgiving with their mom in her Los Angeles abode. Brad was allegedly not invited to the private dinner although some argue that the family never made a schedule to see each other to begin with. At this point, the children’s therapist plays a significant role in planning their activities.

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Through the guidance of the therapist, Brad is able to have “meetings” with the children. Although the previous ones were short, the Curious Case of Benjamin Button actor is reportedly doing his best to reconnect with the kids.

Hollywood Life reports that Brad is cautious and is respectful of the decision of his children. The Allied star is reportedly not yet pushing for a court hearing because he is “giving the kids time” and that his sole focus is what’s best for them. Instead of pressuring his kids to stay with him on Thanksgiving, he opted to have a quiet getaway in Turks and Caicos.

Brad was already cleared from the two separate child abuse inquiries done by the Department of Children and Family Services and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Nonetheless, Brad still reportedly has his sights set on joint custody. Angelina, on the other hand, remains firm that she wants sole custody for the six children. Supporters of the two are hoping that they can set aside their differences to give their children a peaceful Christmas.

Meanwhile, Brad’s camp has refuted the claims of Kris Herzog that the 52-year-old was way happier when he was still with Jennifer Aniston than with Angelina Jolie. Kris implied that Brad and Jennifer’s relationship was a serene one because they never fought. Brad’s representative said that Kris, despite his claims, was never affiliated with the actor as his bodyguard.

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