Duggar Family Expands: Will Jana Duggar End Up Caring For Michelle And Jim Bob Duggar’s 20th Child?

The Duggar family just keeps growing! Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar recently added a 20th child to their massive brood, but are they really caring for the little boy, or is 26-year-old Jana Duggar acting as his “sister mom?”

The Duggar family’s newest addition is Michelle Duggar’s eight-year-old great-nephew, Tyler Hutchins. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar were recently granted permanent guardianship of the boy because his mother, Rachel Hutchins, is unable to care for him. According to Entertainment Tonight, 23-year-old Hutchins is currently unemployed. She’s also on probation after a run-in with the law.

A source told In Touch Weekly that Tyler Hutchins has quickly adjusted to life at the Duggar family’s Arkansas compound, where it’s not unusual to see cameras filming footage for the family’s TLC reality series, Counting On.

“Jim Bob and Michelle have made the child feel right at home. They treat him like their own and he looks up to them as parents,” a source said of the new member of the Duggar family.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, the Duggar family has already stirred up controversy by giving Tyler a pocketknife. The potentially dangerous gift was a souvenir purchased during the family’s Thanksgiving trip to the Ozark Mountains.


If Jim Bob and Michelle really are treating Tyler “like their own,” this could mean that they’ve put Jana Duggar in charge of keeping an eye on him. As the Hollywood Gossip reports, there’s speculation that Jana’s parents have discouraged her from getting married and leaving home because they’ve become so reliant on her help taking care of the younger Duggars and keeping the house clean.

According to OK! Magazine, Jana Duggar works so hard taking care of her younger family members that she’s earned the nickname “Cinderella Duggar.” She’s basically become a live-in nanny who works for free, and her workload may get even bigger soon. Joy-Anna Duggar, 19, is the only other adult Duggar daughter still living at home, but she’s currently courting 22-year-old Austin Forsyth. If Joy-Anna marries Austin, Jana, and Michelle will be the only women left to clean the house, watch the kids, and cook for the 15 other Duggars who still live there.


The Stir explains why many fans of the Duggar family feel sorry for Jana.

“In the Duggars’ patriarchal religion, women are generally considered property of their fathers until they’re married off, which is why a lot of fans wish she’d get out there and have her own life outside of helping homeschool her younger siblings and do chores.”

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar recently admitted that they always slept well when the house was full of underage kids, likely because Jana and the other older children were responsible for making sure that the younger ones stayed in bed and didn’t bother their parents. However, now Jim Bob and Michelle are making an effort to bond with their adult children by staying up late.

“The couple has said that they get less sleep now than they did when they had a bunch of little ones because they often stay up into the wee hours of the morning having deep conversations with their older kiddos,” a post on the Duggar Family Blog reads.

Michelle Duggar recently tried to prove that she’s also spending quality time with at least one of her younger children. On Monday, she shared a Facebook photo of the “private tea party” that her youngest child, six-year-old Josie, invited her to.


Some fans responded to the photo by criticizing the Duggar family matriarch for doting on the baby of the family and not spending enough time with her other children.

“I can’t help but notice that Michelle spends so much more time and gives so much attention to Josie than to Jordan and Jennifer,” one commenter wrote.

Since Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar already find it difficult to spend time with all their biological children, do you think the newest addition to their family will get enough attention? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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