Josh Duggar And The Duggars’ ’20th Child’ Go On Family Trip, Josh’s Son Is Given Controversial Gift

Josh Duggar joined his family to celebrate Thanksgiving in a very cramped cabin in the Ozark Mountains, and he wasn’t the only rarely seen Duggar that was photographed spending time with the massive clan. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar recently became the permanent guardians of their great-nephew, Tyler, and their “20th child” showed off a controversial gift in a picture that was snapped during their trip.

On Thursday, Michelle Duggar shared a Thanksgiving message on the Duggar family’s Facebook page. She revealed that the entire Duggar clan, including Josh and Anna Duggar and their four children, were spending the holiday in the Ozarks.

“This year for Thanksgiving, we spent a few days together with our family in a cabin in the beautiful Ozark Mountains,” Michelle wrote. “We’ve laughed together, cooked together, sang together, told fun family stories, played with kids and bounced babies. It’s been a wonderful family time.”

Fans were quick to notice that Josh Duggar is visible in one of the photos from the trip. He can be seen sitting on the floor beside Joy-Anna Duggar, who is holding his baby daughter, Meredith.

Some fans were happy to see Josh Duggar spending time with his entire family.

“Made my day to see Josh,” Kiara Suarez wrote.

“Is that Josh sitting on the floor next to Joy? It’s so good to see him again! Josh deserves a 2nd chance! I love, respect, & pray for ALL of the family! HAPPY THANKSGIVING to ALL of you!!!” Susan Branum Beck commented.

Some fans wrote that they want to see Josh Duggar on his family’s new TLC series, Counting On, but others disagree that the former 19 Kids and Counting star should be allowed to join his family on TV ever again because of his sexual molestation scandal. As Entertainment Tonight reports, Josh Duggar attended Jinger Duggar’s wedding earlier this month, but he was nowhere to be seen when the Counting On wedding special aired on November 15.

“Jim Bob and Michelle gave Josh several chances and he continued to molest his younger siblings. People with those proclivities do not change. I do not want to see a child molester and adulterer (who – at the same time held-up his life as the perfect example while trying to limit the rights of others) on TV,” Mule Petter wrote.

The picture of Josh isn’t the only photo that is causing debate among fans of the Duggar family as a snapshot of Michelle Duggar’s great-nephew, Tyler, is also stirring up controversy.

Tyler’s mother is Rachel Hutchins, Michelle’s niece. As In Touch Weekly reports, Hutchins was struggling to care for the eight-year-old boy because she’s homeless and has a history of run-ins with the law. One of Michelle’s sisters decided to take Tyler in, but she suffered a stroke in July. This is why the Duggars were granted temporary guardianship of Tyler in August of this year. According to the Duggar Family News: Life Is Not All Pickles And Hairspray Facebook page, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar became permanent guardians of their great-nephew this month, and they’re already being accused of putting their “20th child” in danger.

During their Thanksgiving trip, Tyler and Josh Duggar’s five-year-old son, Michael, were given pocket knives engraved with their names. Some fans criticized the Duggars for giving potentially dangerous gifts to the little boys.

“Who gives children that age a pocket knife for a gift?!? thats so dangerous….” Cloé Morton commented.

“Why would you give young children especially Michael’s age a pocket knife?” Anne Hunter wrote.

A pocket knife was involved in one of Rachel Hutchins’ run-ins with the law. In April, Tyler’s mother was arrested for breaking into a Springdale, Arkansas tow truck business and stealing a pocket knife and two dollars in change.

According to the International Business Times, Season 3 of Counting On will premiere sometime in January 2017. Do you think Josh Duggar and Tyler should make appearances on the show? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

[Featured Image by Josh Duggar/Twitter]

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