Louisiana Man Joel Michael Guy Jr. Accused Of Murdering, Dismembering Parents During Thanksgiving Visit [Video]

A Thanksgiving visit allegedly turned into a double homicide at the hands of Louisiana man Joel Michael Guy Jr., according to investigators. The 28-year-old has been arrested and charged in connection with the vicious stabbing deaths of his parents, a crime that law enforcement say took place at the pair’s Tennessee home.

As Fox News reports, Joel Michael Guy Jr. was staying with his parents over Thanksgiving weekend when the unthinkable crimes allegedly occurred. Police think that the victims, 61-year-old Joel Michael Guy Sr. and 55-year-old Lisa Guy were murdered some time on the Friday or Saturday after Thanksgiving. Their son, Joel Michael Guy Jr., was arrested at his Louisiana home on Tuesday after a fugitive warrant was issued out of Tennessee.

The Louisiana man is said to be a resident of Baton Rouge, and he apparently was taken into custody without incident by FBI agents working in tandem with Louisiana authorities, reports KBIR News.

The crime scene allegedly left behind by Joel Michael Guy Jr. has been described by Tennessee law enforcement as “gruesome.” In a press release, the sheriff’s office said that the Louisiana man’s parents had both been stabbed to death and dismembered. What’s worse, their remains were reportedly scattered throughout several rooms in their home, and at least some of the remains were found soaking in an acidic substance. Police allege that Joel Michael Guy Jr. had been trying to dissolve the remains to get rid of the evidence.

“It would be described as horrific – a very gruesome crime scene.”

Tennessee police were reportedly made aware that something was wrong at the Guy’s residence when Lisa Guy, Louisiana man’s mother, didn’t show up for work on Monday. A patrol officer responded to Guy’s home to do a welfare check, and reportedly saw “things that didn’t look right.” That was when the officer entered the house and found the horrific crime scene.

It didn’t take long for investigators with multiple departments, including the FBI and East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office, to zero in on Joel Michael Guy Jr. and start surveying the accused double-murderer. He was picked up at his home on Tuesday at about 3:45 p.m. while attempting to enter his vehicle.

Law enforcement investigators who poured over the crime scene have said that it appears as though the victims of the double-murder put up a terrific fight for their lives, but to no avail. They also believe that, after allegedly stabbing his parents to death and cutting up their bodies, Joel Michael Guy Jr. continued to stay in their Tennessee house along with their desecrated corpses.

So far, police don’t have an official motive for the unthinkable crimes, but they say that Joel Michael Guy Jr., a college student at LSU, told investigators that he was broke and spoke to his parents about needing money while he was visiting for Thanksgiving. It is possible that their murders were related to that conversation, but not confirmed at this point.

Police say that they don’t believe that Joel Michael Guy Jr.’s parents had any form of life insurance or other assets that the Louisiana man may have hoped to collect in the aftermath of the murders.

Investigators have added that Joel Michael Guy Jr., who has absolutely no prior criminal record, is no longer speaking freely with police. It is unclear whether or not he has retained an attorney at this time.

Joel Michael Guy Jr. has three sisters, but investigators say that none of them appeared to be aware that their brother was struggling financially, or that anything else was wrong with the Louisiana man. Certainly, nothing that would indicate impending violence.

Joel Michael Guy Jr. is currently being held by the Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office as a fugitive; the Louisiana man is expected to be transferred to Knox County, Tennessee in the coming days.

[Featured Image by Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office]

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