Amanda Seyfried Realizes Dream To Be ‘With Child,’ Takes Big Step With Thomas Sadoski

Ted 2 actress Amanda Seyfried has realized her dream of becoming a mother as she shares the news of her first pregnancy. Seyfried and her fiance, Thomas Sadoski, are expecting their first child together, the actress announced at a recent event. In previous interviews, going as far back as 2014, Ms. Seyfried mentioned that she hoped to have her first child in the near future, and now, as she and Sadoski look forward to a bright future together, a look back at Amanda’s hopes for herself and her child reveals a prophetic glimpse at what is to come in the very near future.

Ted 2 Star Amanda Seyfried Is Happily Pregnant

People reports that Amanda Seyfried shared the news of her pregnancy in a surprising revelation, while she was fulfilling her role as spokesperson for Givenchy’s new Live Irresistible fragrance, during its Tuesday launch. Ms. Seyfried was dressed in a form-fitting black dress, which accentuated her growing belly, so it seemed necessary to address the inquisitive stares.

The news of the pregnancy comes only a couple of months after Seyfried and Sadoski got engaged. The couple met while working on the off-Broadway showing of The Way We Get By, but their romance didn’t really take off until they were reunited on the set of The Last Word, which will hit theaters later in 2017. Now, as Amanda and Thomas take off on a more serious relationship, they will begin preparing for their first child together.

The news of Seyfried’s pregnancy comes after the actress spoke publicly about wanting to have a child of her own. When asked how she saw her life unfolding within the next decade, Amanda boldly replied “with child” in a way that seemed to establish her certainty about becoming a mother. Amanda added in that 2014 interview that she felt as though motherhood was an important next step in her life.

Amanda Seyfried Doesn’t Feel Guilty For Getting Pregnant

E! News shares a look back at Amanda Seyfried’s personal outlook on life, not long after she separated from longtime boyfriend Justin Long in September of last year. During that interview, Amanda commented on the guilt that many people feel about procreating when the world is in so much turmoil and it seems that times are getting darker and darker. Seyfried says the question of bringing another human into a “terrible world” nags at her all of the time.

“But then, this person like Douglas, my makeup artist, he said, ‘But if you’re a good person and your partner is a good person, you’re creating a good person. Isn’t that better for the world than not creating anybody at all?’ Definitely it’s a selfish thing too,” explains Ms. Seyfried. “Selfishly, I think it would be a wonderful experience. For the greater good, I don’t think it’s taking away by adding.”

Looking forward to the future, Ms. Seyfried also commented on her plans for the big day and suggested that she won’t be indulging in a traditional wedding, only because she’s done it on screen more than enough times. While Amanda admits that the experience is different for everyone, she says she’s not as interested in the ceremony as she is in the commitment that a wedding represents.

Seyfried adds that her focus is on children and she confesses to wanting more than one, revealing that this won’t be her only pregnancy.

“I’d like to have one in the next four or five years,” Amanda Seyfried added in that earlier interview. “And the second one can happen between 35 and 40. Or I can adopt… It’s fine. I definitely want to a couple kids.”

Ms. Seyfried is off to a good start. Less than one year later, Amanda is already expecting her first baby.

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