Baltimore 7-Year-Old Trayvon Grayson Suffers Fractured Jaw For Misbehaving In School, Tutor Charged With Abuse [Video]

A Baltimore school tutor has been charged after 7-year-old student Trayvon Grayson ended up with two missing teeth and a broken jaw after “misbehaving” in class. The tutor, 25-year-old Timothy Randall Korr, is facing several felony counts of child abuse in connection with the incident that happened at City Springs Elementary School while little Trayvon was in the tutor’s care.

As CNN reports, the tutor told police that he had to physically take Baltimore 7-year-old Trayvon Grayson out of the child’s classroom because he was acting out. While removing the child from the room, Timothy Korr claimed that he “lost his footing” while escorting Trayvon Grayson; that’s when Korr claims that the Baltimore 7-year-old “hit himself” on a wall.

Neither Trayvon Grayson’s mother nor Baltimore police appear to believe the tutor’s version of events, citing the 7-year-old boy’s extreme head and facial injuries. According to Lateekqua Jackson, Trayvon Grayson’s mother, she got her first glimpse of her injured son while he was in an ambulance.

“I looked in the ambulance and there’s my son, his face big, mouth bloody. I turned to the man, ‘I said, ‘This isn’t regular restraint.”

According to the Baltimore 7-year-old’s mother, Trayvon Grayson was thrown against a wall by his tutor, he didn’t hurt himself, reports KTLA 5.

“He can’t throw himself into the wall and fracture his jaw and lose his teeth. He’s only 7 years old. He’s so small he’s not going to do the damage to himself.”

Jackson told reporters that when she first saw her son after arriving at the school, her 7-year-old was bloodied and crying; the tutor was also covered in Trayvon Grayson’s blood, reports WBALTV. She says that Korr told her that he was carrying her child over his shoulder to take him to the principal’s office and claimed that when he put the little boy down, he was covered in blood.

Jackson said that when she got to the school, Trayvon was in an ambulance and crying. She said the teacher was also there with Travon’s blood on his clothes.

“The teacher told me that he put him over his shoulder, and when he put him down he was bleeding. That’s it. How can you tell somebody like that? He said he made a mistake. He said, ‘I made a mistake. It was a mistake.’ That’s what he said.”

Baltimore investigators determined that Trayvon had sustained major head trauma in the incident after examining the 7-year-old during his hospitalization. Over the course of their investigation into the child’s injuries, Baltimore City Police officers also had an opportunity to review surveillance video of what happened to Trayvon Grayson and to speak to the tutor who was in charge of the 7-year-old when he was injured.

According to Chief T.J. Smith with the Baltimore police, the video evidence in the case was very clear.

“The video does show him carrying the child and slamming him up against the wall, and it’s very difficult to watch. We cringed a number of times as we watched the video.”

Seven-year-old Trayvon reportedly “went limp” after the alleged assault by his tutor.

Detectives determined that they had sufficient evidence to charge Korr with multiple crimes in connection with the injuries suffered by Trayvon Grayson. The tutor has been charged with felony child abuse in the first and second degrees, felony assault in the first and second degrees, neglect of a minor and reckless endangerment.

The Baltimore Curriculum Project is Timothy Korr’s employer, the organization runs City Springs Elementary School and a handful of other charter schools around Baltimore. After hearing about the injuries sustained by Baltimore 7-year-old Trayvon Grayson, the group’s executive vice-president, Larry Schugam, spoke out to the media. He confirmed that in addition to facing multiple felony charges, Trayvon Grayson’s alleged abuser has also lost his job.

“This is an unusual, isolated incident for our schools, and we are participating in a thorough investigation into what exactly happened. The employment of the one employee involved has been terminated.”

The school district is also aware of the matter and has promised to take any appropriate necessary action after the investigation into the Trayvon Grayson case is completed.

Trayvon’s family reports that the 7-year-old will require surgery to repair his injuries; the child’s future prognosis is unknown at this time.

At this point, Timothy Korr isn’t speaking to the media, nor has he issued a public statement on the allegations against him. It is unknown whether the man accused of assaulting Baltimore 7-year-old Trayvon Grayson has retained legal counsel.

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