Man Gets Romney ‘R’ Permanently Tattooed On Head, Earns His 15 Minutes [Video]

UPDATE: Eric Hartsburg has accepted my invitation for an interview. Stay tuned for the exclusive in the next few days, IQ readers.

Indiana resident Eric Hartsburg has had the Romney campaign’s stylized “R” logo permanently tattooed to the side of his head.

Hartsburg had Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign logo permanently emblazoned on his temple in a 5 by 2 inch space. Even though the 2012 election will be over in a few weeks, regardless of who wins, Hartsburg is stuck with this tattoo for the rest of his life. Why would he do this? It’s actually kind of funny.

Indiana paper The Herald Argus reports that Hartsburg actually sold his head on eBay as advertising space. Essentially, it’s a “cranial billboard” auction, and an unabashed money-making scheme on the part of Hartsburg.

The ad space was put up on eBay at a starting price of $5,000, and apparently a well-to-do Romney supporter forked over the cash to have the “R” logo tattooed on Hartsburg’s head.

His head space probably could have just as easily gone to Obama. Or Apple. Or some local bakery.

Hartsburg, for his part, fully recognizes the permanence of his decision, writing that whoever purchases his head will enjoy “laughs and memories” relived “every time you show the pictures of that guy that let you tattoo his HEAD!”

Hartsburg also discussed his motives further with ABC 57, saying, “I wish it could be a more noble cause than just saying, ‘hey, let’s have a good time’,” he explained. “But you only live once, and I was born with a forehead, so why not?”

At this point, we should note that Hartsburg is apparently none-too-thrilled by how the media is reporting his story:

Okay, I’ll bite. If you’re reading this Mr. Hartsburg, email me. We’ll interview you while the story is still hot and get the record straight. You can reach me at I actually look forward to hearing from you.

Until then, here’s a potentially unapproved video report on Eric Hartsburg’s Romney tattoo:

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