Helen Mirren Calls Trump ‘Bloated, Small Headed Dinosaur’: Bad Blood With Michael Parkinson Continues As Interviewer Refuses To Apologize

Helen Mirren is 71-years-old, and she has some valuable tips for people around the world, according to People magazine. The screen queen has shared advice and wisdom about friendship, love, blackjack, and even alcohol!

Accepting the Legend award at Elle’s annual Women in Hollywood event in Los Angeles, Helen Mirren shared a few tips to get people through life. One of the tips was to “never” drink alcohol unless you’re celebrating, upset, or if it’s “a day that ends with the letter ‘Y.'” So what’s that? Does it mean the 71-year-old actress encourages people to drink every day?

To make things less confusing, Helen Mirren also advised people to never be in a rush to marry someone, to always give your partner the “the freedom and support to achieve their ambition,” to always split “aces, eights, and nines” at the blackjack table, to connect with friends (but not on Facebook), and there was also a reference to U.S. President-elect Donald Trump.

“And finally, ignore anyone who judges the way you look, especially if he or she is some anonymous miserable creep, lurking on the Internet or is a bloated, small headed dinosaur-y handed candidate for president.”

In other news, the four-decade long bad blood between Michael Parkinson and Helen Mirren rages on, according to the Telegraph. Although it’s been more than 40 years since their clash, it doesn’t seem the two are going to make up anytime soon.

After their confrontation that took place during Parkinson’s talk show in 1975 and prompted a heavily-publicized sexism row, Helen Mirren and the host have ignored one another for decades, and it looks like after all this time they still hold a grudge against one another.

At least Parkinson does. In his recent interview with Event magazine, the popular talk show host revealed that his row with Helen Mirren hadn’t been resolved yet because neither one of them wants to make up.

Parkinson also refused to apologize for being sexist even though it’s been more than four decades. The talk show host, who was then in his 30s, referred to Helen Mirren’s figure as “equipment” during their interview in 1975 and asked if that “equipment” undermined her credibility.

But Helen Mirren lashed out at Parkinson, asking him if he thinks that “serious actresses” can’t have “big bosoms.” While the tensions could be cut with a knife, the host also quoted a review that claimed the actress projected “sluttish eroticism” in her movies.

But Helen Mirren said that review was “enraging” and “extremely creepy.” Right now, Parkinson is trying to explain himself, and says that the actress presented “a provocative figure” when he saw her walking down the stairs “carrying a feather boa” and being “half dressed.”

“I would not have done my duty as a human being had I not reacted in a certain way.”

Parkinson also revealed that they didn’t like each other back then, and added that neither he nor Helen Mirren has done much since their spat to “repair the damage.” When asked if he wants to make peace with the actress, the talk show host said he doesn’t want to.

“Nor does she. I don’t regard what happened as being anything other than good television. There is no need to apologize, not at all.”

Parkinson also vehemently denies that his attitude during the interview with Helen Mirren was sexist. The talk show host said when people judge him, they have to judge his attitude by “what happened in that time.”

“If you didn’t live in that time, you’re not allowed an opinion in my view. Am I a sexist? No, I’m Yorkshire. I’ve been married for 57 years so something must be going right.”

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