Mariah Carey Enjoys A $1500, 8-Hour Massage

Mariah Carey’s $1500 massage was probably the perfect way to wind down from a day of feuding with Nicki Minaj on the American Idol set.

In late September, the Grammy Award-winning songstress did just that, dropping a chunk of what many of us pay per month in bills on a soothing 8-hour deep-tissue. The American Idol diva arranged for the massage to occur in the privacy of her LA mansion while she slept, reports US Weekly. That’s not all:

“The masseuse made $1,500,” said a source, adding that Carey also made a rather eccentric request. “She insisted [Sacha Baron Cohen’s] Bruno play on repeat. It looped the entire time!”

Carey is also in the news lately after spending some quality time with daughter Monroe in New York City. A day out in Tribeca showed that Mimi is already helping little 18-month-old Monroe become quite the fashionista, reports E! News.

Carey dressed simply with her trademark over-sized sunglasses, a designer scarf, and high boots, while Monroe was decked out in a plaid skirt and knit sweater, accessorized with a little bow in her hair and adorable pink eyeglasses.

Mariah kept it simple by rocking her usual oversize shades with a designer scarf and sky-high boots, while Monroe dressed up in a plaid skirt and knit sweater, which was accessorized with a bow in her hair and a pair of fierce pink eyeglasses.

E! also notes that Monroe is taking other cues from mom by stepping out with her own entourage, which currently consists of a stuffed pink bunny.

What do you think of Mariah Carey? Would you pay $1500 for an 8-hour massage?