Bella Hadid And The Weeknd Prepare To Reunite At The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show After Reported Split

As Bella Hadid prepares to walk the runway during the 2016 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in Paris, France, fans are wondering if an awkward onstage encounter will occur between the model and her alleged ex-boyfriend, The Weeknd.

Although some have suggested that Bella Hadid and The Weeknd never actually split, a report on November 30 from OK! Magazine claimed the 20-year-old model was reportedly devastated by the breakup.

“She can’t believe he’d dump her, but this had been in the works for a long time,” an alleged insider revealed. “Abél [the rapper’s real name] hated how self-obsessed and bossy Bella’s become, plus the interference of her family and constant pressure to get engaged.”

According to the report, Bella Hadid allegedly lost a ton of weight due to today’s show, and as a result, The Weeknd’s feelings for the model reportedly changed.

Did Bella Hadid and The Weeknd split?
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“[Bella Hadid] wasn’t the girl he fell in love with and he was done, plain and simple. This had nothing to do with their schedules,” the source alleged. “Needless to say Bella’s in pieces and nursing a major bruised ego.”

While the split between Bella Hadid and The Weeknd was never confirmed, the magazine went on to allege that The Weeknd was “clearly not phased by his breakup” and released his highly anticipated album, “Starboy,” just days after their reported split.

As the Daily Mail reported on November 29, Bella Hadid recently hinted that she and The Weeknd were either still dating or that she was missing their relationship. According to the outlet, Bella Hadid was caught looking at an old photo of the singer kissing her while on the plane en route to Paris over the weekend.

The outlet went on to reveal that the rumored breakup between Bella Hadid and The Weeknd may have been reported in an effort to garner the 2016 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show more attention. That said, Bella Hadid hasn’t posted any new photos of herself and The Weeknd for about two months.

While celebrating her 20th birthday two months ago, Bella Hadid posted a photo of herself and The Weeknd on Instagram enjoying her birthday party and included a heart emoji in the caption. In the weeks since, Bella Hadid has focused on sharing photos of herself, her modeling gigs, and her family on Instagram.

The Weeknd and Bella Hadid are still dating?
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Although OK! Magazine claimed Bella Hadid was allegedly still upset about her split from The Weeknd, another report shared by E! News suggested that the model and singer were reportedly keeping in contact despite their potential split.

On Monday night, ahead of the 2016 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, Bella Hadid and a few of her girlfriends reportedly showed up at Hotel Costes, where The Weeknd was having dinner with his friends, including actor Ryan Phillippe.

“[Bella Hadid] sat next to The Weeknd and spoke for a little while to him. They were really cool with each other,” a source shared with E! News. “Bella was in a great mood, smiling and seemed really happy while being there.”

According to the report, Bella Hadid’s romance with The Weeknd reportedly came to an end due to their busy careers, but when it comes to a reconciliation, the source claimed a future reunion was allegedly possible. As for possible tension at the show, Bella Hadid is reportedly focused on the excitement of the event rather than any potential issues with The Weeknd.

“[Bella Hadid] was so excited that she’s walking in the Victoria’s Secret Show this year, and she knows it may be a bit strange having her ex perform,” the source said. “She will be OK because she’ll have all her best friends there.”

Bella Hadid and her fellow models, including her sister, Gigi, will film the 2016 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show later today in Paris, and the show will air on CBS on December 5.

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