Kristen Doute On James Kennedy’s Firing: ‘He’s Lucky That Ken Didn’t Knock Him Out’

Kristen Doute has been vocal about her dislike for her ex-boyfriend, James Kennedy. On this season of Vanderpump Rules, Doute revealed that she had practically been a credit card for him throughout their relationship and she really wanted to find someone where they were a bit more equal. She revealed that she was very happy with Brian Carter and Kristen continued to slam James’ actions. And after he started showing up drunk for work at SUR, it became very easy for everyone on Vanderpump Rules to be critical of Kennedy. And on Monday’s episode of the show, he was finally fired for his antics.

According to a new Bravo report, Kristen Doute is now revealing that she loved seeing James get fired from SUR. It was a dramatic firing, especially because Lisa had already warned him several times about showing up drunk for work. And when she caught him drunk at work again, he called her all kinds of names outside of SUR. James even told both Lisa and her husband Ken Todd that he didn’t need this kind of criticism and called them all kinds of names. The following day, Lisa fired him when he had sobered up.

“I feel like we all should have celebrated so hard,” Kristen Doute explained to the Daily Dish about watching the ex-boyfriend’s downfall and firing from SUR, adding, “I kept thinking about when I got fired a couple of years ago and everyone did their celebratory dance. And I’m like, ‘I’m sorry, why are we not popping bottles right now?’ This is the greatest thing to have ever happened.”

Of course, Vanderpump admitted that she had tried to give James several chances, which means that she felt that Lisa favored him over her. But Kristen Doute is happy that he is finally gone, as Kristen didn’t feel that she was bad at her job. Doute merely had a few outbursts that she couldn’t control, because she was so angry at Tom Sandoval for lying about cheating on her with Ariana Madix.

“James had so many more chances than I did. And I was actually good at my job. He’s not even a good DJ. I don’t think he was a good busser, and Lisa still gave him more chances,” Kristen Doute explains to The Daily Dish, according to Bravo, adding, “I think she just had this little soft spot for his sad, poor, little broken heart. But come on, it’s all a game. Like, victimizing yourself over something like that, we all have hardships. I don’t feel bad for him.”

Of course, Lisa knows James’ parents, which is a connection that Kristen Doute didn’t have with Vanderpump. Also, Kennedy is friends with Lisa’s son Max, so it makes sense that Lisa would continue to give him second chances. But when Kristen Doute watched the confrontation between James and Vanderpump outside of her restaurant, she knew that his hours were numbered.

“The way he talked to Ken, oh my God. I can’t imagine in a million years ever, ever speaking to Ken like that,” Kristen Doute explains after watching the scene that was secretly filmed by producers from inside the restaurant, adding, “He’s lucky that Ken didn’t knock him out.”

And Ken did seem very angry with James for speaking rudely and disrespectfully to Lisa Vanderpump because he was drunk. And it makes sense that he was fired when he was sober the next day.

What do you think of Kristen Doute’s comments about Kennedy’s firing? Do you think Doute’s comments about having a party to celebrate his mistakes is insensitive and rude, considering he really does seem to have a drinking problem?

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