‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Nina Is Playing A Dangerous Game — Will She Get Tangled Up With Valentin Again?

Valentin Cassadine is back with a vengeance on ABC’s General Hospital, and his current quest seems to be Nina Reeves. He has his sights set on her, and he may just reel her in quickly. Wednesday’s episode will have these two in a game of cat and mouse with little Charlotte as the bait. Will Valentin win the prize?

Nina has been yearning for a child for a while now, but she has had no luck in being able to adopt. With her history of kidnapping Ava Jerome’s baby and spending time in a mental facility, her plans have not gone her way at all. Now that Valentin is supposedly the father of Charlotte, he will begin to use his newfound daughter to manipulate Nina, as reported by Soaps She Knows.

Nina is vulnerable right now, and Valentin knows that. This twosome had a one-night stand a few weeks ago on General Hospital, and now that he is back in Port Charles, he is stepping up his game to woo her back into his arms. That means he will use Charlotte to get what he wants knowing that Nina would do anything to be a mother. Why does he really want Nina in his life? This long-lost Cassadine seems to have an agenda for everything he does, and the Crimson editor most likely fits into his game plan somehow.

While Valentin is trying to convince Nina to spend some time with him, Griffin Munro and Anna Devane are trying their best to beat him at his own game. Anna has had a strange feeling that she knows Valentin from somewhere, but she hasn’t figured it out just yet. She is investigating him, and after having words with Valentin soon, she is expected to do whatever it takes to find out what his game is and if he is who he says he is.

Valentin’s true identity has yet to be revealed. He may not be who he claims to be, and Anna’s reaction to just being around this guy may give somewhat of a clue. Some speculations floating around on social media says that he could very well be Faison or Jerry Jacks in a mask. Of course, that has been done before on General Hospital, so this may not go over very well.

If it were Jerry Jacks in disguise, maybe this will all tie into the story of Nelle Hayes being Jerry’s daughter. That rumor is also going around. Nelle’s father has yet to be revealed, and this would certainly be a little far-fetched. Her daddy-dearest seems to be manipulating Nelle right now in what looks like an act of revenge against Carly and Sonny. However, as General Hospital fans already know, anything can happen on soaps as long as it makes some sort of sense, so there is a slight possibility of him being Jerry Jacks.

The other question is the true identity of Charlotte. After paternity tests revealed that Valentin is supposedly her real father, she is now living with him in Nikolas’ old mansion. However, she could very well be Lulu Falconeri’s daughter, as has been suggested for a while. Could Valentin really be Stavros Cassadine? He could have survived after all this time, which would mean that he really is Charlotte’s father after all.

Soap Central said that next week would have Lulu going after Valentin to question him about Charlotte. Does she run upon some information or is it just an intuition on her part about the little girl? More spoilers reveal that at some point down the road, Lulu and Dante will receive some news that will possibly change their lives forever. Could it be that they find out that Charlotte is Lulu’s child?

In the meantime, Nina may become a temporary mother after all. Many General Hospital viewers really like her and Valentin together. They could very well become a super couple, or at the very least a super-evil couple for a while. Of course, he better watch his back as well because Nina can be very, very bad when she is angry and hurt.

Take your best guess as to who Valentin Cassadine really is. Who does Charlotte really belong to? Are you hoping for Nina to hook back up with Valentin? There could be a twist coming in all of this. Stay tuned to General Hospital to find out what will happen next.

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