Kim Kardashian, Melissa McCarthy, And Mariah Carey Flaunt Low Carb Diet Weight Loss: Details

‘Tis the season for looking back at celebrity weight loss winners in 2016. And when it comes to stars who turned to variations on a low carb diet to win the battle of the bulge, Kim Kardashian, Melissa McCarthy and Mariah Carey have chosen these types of weight loss diets to take off the pounds.

Mariah isn’t just cutting down on carbohydrates, however. Her low carb weight loss diet means getting hooked on seafood.

Vanity Fair pointed out that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson previously admitted he eats 821 pounds of cod each year, but Carey is giving him competition with her revelation that she primarily eats just two foods: Norwegian salmon and capers.

Mariah Carey shares her unusual diet.
Mariah Carey shares her unusual diet. [Image by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for Airbnb]

“That’s it,” summed up Mariah. “I try to stick with the protein. It’s the worst.”

Carey once displayed the contents of her refrigerator in a 2008 interview with, revealing swordfish and a “baked clam situation.” She also mentioned vegetable soup as an option.

For those who feel that a weight loss diet consisting primarily of seafood doesn’t exactly float their boat, Kim Kardashian opted for the Atkins diet.

Kim has been candid about choosing the Atkins low carb weight loss diet, noted Cosmopolitan.

To restore her pre-baby body after welcoming Saint into the world last December, Kardashian ate a variety of protein, healthy fats, selected high fiber carbohydrates, nuts, and certain fruits, according to her nutritionist Colette Heimowitz. Limiting her diet to 1,800 calories daily, Kim began with an egg omelet for breakfast, revealed her nutritionist.

Kim Kardashian flaunts her weight loss success.
Kim Kardashian flaunts her weight loss success. [Image by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for Harper's Bazaar]

A sample lunch for Kardashian consisted of grilled lime chicken over squash or a spinach salad with a feta ranch dressing, while a typical dinner for Kim might feature zucchini noodles with a spicy chicken sausage, revealed Colette.

“For her sweet-tooth, [Kim Kardashian] always likes the [Atkins] chocolate peanut butter cups.”

Also, Kardashian can include some starchy foods in her diet, such as “a side of brown rice, quinoa, sweet potato, or baked potato,” added her nutritionist. “As you get to your weight loss goals, you can add a little bit more carbohydrate because you don’t have as much weight to lose.”

Kim lost a total of 70 pounds, according to Eat This, Not That, which also quoted her nutritionist Heimowitz in describing the importance of protein on a low carb diet.

“[Kardashian always eats] four to six ounces of protein at breakfast, lunch, and dinner.”

Colette noted that Kim could choose from a wide range of protein sources, from eggs to tofu to fish to beef.

“Even marbled cuts of beef are fine on occasion,” added the nutrition expert. “Not only does fat give food taste, it’s filling so it can help you eat less.”

For Melissa McCarthy, the combination of a high protein, low carb diet and working out took off 75 pounds, reported Foods4BetterHealth.

Also, Melissa reportedly sipped green tea to boost her metabolism, and drank smoothies made of greens. Like Kim, McCarthy’s low carb plan included a variety of protein (such as eggs, fish and turkey), certain fruits, vegetables, and nuts.

McCarthy also reportedly has been eating a breakfast that resembles Kardashian’s, including eggs. And while Kim snacks on those Atkins bars, Melissa snacks on protein such as fish along with vegetables such as broccoli. A typical lunch for the actress might feature grilled chicken, while her dinner may include steamed vegetables and grass-fed beef along with a healthy source of fats, such as avocado.

As for what researchers have found in comparing low carb diets like Kim Kardashian’s and Melissa McCarthy’s to low-fat diets, a study involving 67,000 dieters discovered that those who limited starchy foods such as bread and pasta lost more weight than those who reduced their intake of high-fat foods such as cheese and butter, reported the Telegraph.

Researchers discovered that after a year, the dieters who reduced the fat in their diets weighed two and a half pounds more than those who followed low-carb plans.

“Despite the pervasive dogma that one needs to cut fat from their diet in order to lose weight, the existing scientific evidence does not support low-fat diets over other dietary interventions for long-term weight loss,” said Dr. Deirdre Tobias at Bingham’s Division of Preventive Medicine.

In comparing weight loss diets, researchers determined that low carbohydrate diets “were the most successful,” summed up the media outlet.

[Disclaimer: The Inquisitr strongly recommends you consult your physician before beginning any diet or exercise program. The Inquisitr does not endorse any of the diets or diet techniques mentioned in this article.]

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