Jamie Laiaddee, Bryan Stewart: ‘Grave Secrets’ — Missing Arizona Woman’s Body Not Found After Boyfriend, Rick Valentini, Allegedly Shot Her, ‘Fed To Pigs’

Jamie Laiaddee is dead. Authorities are sure that her live-in boyfriend, Rick Valentini, aka Bryant Stewart, killed her with a sawed-off shotgun and fed her to the pigs, or at least, discarded the body in a way that it could never be discovered, according to what he told an inmate. Tonight on Investigation Discovery, Grave Secrets will reenact her horrifying case. The Arizona woman disappeared six years ago. Grave Secrets‘ episode titled “Ten Weeks Later” will relay the story through interviews with detectives and friends of the victim.

Grave Secrets: “Ten Weeks Later” on Investigation Discovery

  • When an Arizona woman fails to communicate with family members, police discover that she vanished ten weeks earlier. Now, detectives try to retrace the missing woman’s steps. However, the trail runs cold, leaving detectives with no crime scene, no body, and possibly the perfect murder.

March 2010: Missing Arizona Woman Last Seen Sleeping In Bed, According To Boyfriend

According to Grave Secrets‘ coverage, it had been ten weeks since anyone had seen or heard from 32-year-old Jamie Laiaddee. Her disappearance was discovered after her father called her home and spoke to her live-in boyfriend, Bryan Stewart, who told him that Jamie had abruptly left the home headed for Colorado, where she had accepted a new job.

Immediately, Jamie Laiaddee’s father was suspicious and contacted police to report his daughter missing. Laiaddee had a somewhat distant relationship with her family. But the call to the house seemed strange.

Police searched for Jamie Laiaddee but nothing turned up, at first. The case was troubling because her boyfriend had not reported her missing, although, her purse, cell phone, and wallet were still in the home.

Based on what police had learned about Jamie Laiaddee through her friends, she was a responsible and an intelligent woman, who would have never left her most important possessions behind. Her friends did admit that in recent years, Jamie, who was a private person by nature, had grown distant with them and her own family.

A Life So Unpleasant

The investigation revealed that Jamie Laiaddee was living less than an ideal life with Bryan Stewart (Rick Valentini). The boyfriend, who some describe as a “Trophy Boyfriend,” did little for Jamie. Instead, it was Bryan, who had all of the benefits.

Jamie Laiaddee paid for everything and made purchases for Bryan Stewart. And it appeared that everything that he told her about himself in the beginning was untrue. He was not a college graduate with a degree, and he was not as young as he had stated. He also hid the fact that he had a violent nature about him and was prone to outbursts.

Arrogant and uncaring is how most people would describe Rick Valenti. But is he a killer? Police think that he is based on the evidence they have. Although there was no blood, no DNA, no crime scene, and no body, there was evidence that Rick Valentini had driven his missing girlfriend’s car and used her money to invest in several online dating sites, Grave Secrets will reveal.

He also had a troubling past, according to AZ Central, which described a man with three past wives and a terrible childhood.

“As a young boy, Valentini had a high IQ but also had attention-deficit disorder and would only sleep four hours a night starting when he was 2, the report says. His mother kept him in the garage except for meals, on a counselor’s advice, and when he was 16 she put him in foster care because “she could not handle him.”

Rick Valentini, aka Bryan Stewart, was eventually arrested and convicted of fraud and murder and sentenced to 54 years in prison. Sadly, Jamie Laiaddee’s body was never found. According to the Phoenix New Times, Rick Valentini explained the reason.

“Stewart told fellow inmates that he shot Laiaddee with a sawed-off shotgun. He told the men he got rid of her body in a way police would never find her. At first, Stewart said her body had been ‘fed to the pigs.’ He then changed his story, saying she’d been cut up and put into bags.”

The story is chronicled in the The Trophy Wife by Camille Kimball. Watch the tragic story of Jamie Laiaddee tonight on Grave Secrets: “Ten Weeks Later,” which airs at 9/8 p.m. Central on Investigation Discovery (ID). Previously, the story of Loretta Bowersock aired on Grave Secrets.

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