Taylor Swift Groped? DJ Accused Of Groping Swift Speaks Out, ‘I Never Grabbed Her’

DJ David Mueller gave his account of the infamous alleged groping of Taylor Swift. Mueller filed a lawsuit against Swift in October of 2015 and claimed he was fired from his job over “false accusations” that he groped Taylor during a fan meet-and-greet. According to New York Daily News, Swift then filed a countersuit against the former Colorado DJ for assault and battery. On Tuesday, Mueller was interviewed by 955 Detroit’s “Mojo in the Morning.” David asserted any touching of Swift was completely accidental and harmless.

“What I was told that night and what I was told that day were different, but what I’m hearing now is that I stuck my hand under her skirt and grabbed her bare bottom… My right hand — I’m looking at the photographer and I’m trying to get my right hand, you know, behind Taylor, because [another DJ] was on the other side of Taylor.”

“… My other hand I think was just on my belt or on my pocket, my left hand. So my right hand, I’ve got my hand closed and my palm down, and I reach behind, toward Taylor. Our hands touched and our arms crossed. That’s all I remember.”

He added, “My hand was not touching her body … My hand was never under her skirt. I never grabbed her. My hand was not open.”

“This actually is the worst possible scenario for me because if I was arrested, I would have my day in court… You’re innocent until proven guilty. I would have a chance to defend myself in criminal court. I never got a chance to defend myself. I never got my day in court. My program director never came to my assistance at the arena that night. The police never showed up.”

“I didn’t know what to do. I’d never been in trouble in my life … I actually contacted a criminal attorney. I thought for sure I was going to get arrested. For sure I was going to have charges.”

Swift declared the incident happened, according to TMZ.

“I remember being frantic, distressed, feeling violated in a way I had never experienced before … A meet-and-greet is supposed to be a situation where you’re thanking people for coming, you’re supposed to be welcoming people into your home, which is the arena for that day, and for someone to violate that hospitality in that way, I was completely stunned.”

Transcripts Of Taylor Swift’s Videotaped Deposition Of Alleged Sexual Assault

E! News obtained the documents and a transcript of the “Bad Blood” singer’s videotaped deposition which described the details of Swift’s alleged sexual assault incident. In her deposition, Swift denied the idea of Mueller’s advances as being accidental. Taylor claimed Mueller intentionally put his hand under her dress.

“Right as the moment came for us to pose for the photo, he took his hand and put it up my dress and grabbed onto my a** cheek, and no matter how much I scooted over it was still there… It was completely intentional, I’ve never been so sure of anything in my life.”

It was noted during the deposition that her skirt was not ruffled or messed up in the photograph.

“Right as the moment came for us to pose for the photo, he took his hand and put it up my dress and grabbed onto my ass cheek and no matter how much I scooted over it was still there … It was completely intentional, I’ve never been so sure of anything in my life.”

Taylor said she remembered “feeling violated” and was “stunned” at the situation. Swift said she couldn’t pinpoint the exact moment it happened because she was “uncomfortable because a strange man’s hand just lifted up my skirt and was either nearing my a** cheek, freshly grabbed onto, or refusing to let go.”

taylor swift groped
Singer-songwriter Taylor Swift. [Image by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images for Tommy Hilfiger]

The songstress explained her shock during her deposition, according to the Daily Mail.

“As soon as he grabbed my a**, I became shocked and withdrawn and was barely able to say ‘thanks for coming,’ which is what I say to everybody … I was barely able to get words out, and it was like somebody switched the lights off in my personality … So it was pretty quick that he was gone after that.”

Swift said she “just wanted him to be gone” after the incident. When Taylor was asked if she immediately told one of her staff members after the incident, she said “no.”

“No, because I didn’t have one split second without a fan in front of me until that moment … And I didn’t want people to find out about this. Anything that I say in front of fans could end up in the press, and I didn’t want that.”


According to the Daily Mail, in one part of the deposition, Swift’s mother Andrea said she was “nauseous” when Swift came to her and told her about the alleged incident.

“I felt like I wanted to cry and throw up at the same time.”

Andrea said Taylor appeared “humiliated, embarrassed, and horrified.”

“She was upset. She cried. We cried. It was – it was just inconceivable.”

In his deposition, Swift’s security guard Greg Dent recalled what he witnessed between Swift and the DJ.

“Well, before the photo was taken is when I saw him go to put his arm around her and he lift up her skirt. She reacted, pushed her skirt down, and jumped to the side and went closer to the girl that was with him.”

In documents obtained by E! News, the “Shake It Off” singer demanded a jury trial and promised that any money won from the trial would benefit charitable organizations “protecting women from similar acts of sexual assault and personal disregard.”

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