‘Beaches’ Remake Releases Emotional Trailer [Video]

Beaches was that movie from 1988 that featured one of the saddest stories in film history, making Bette Midler and Barbara Hershey two of the most celebrated dramatic actresses of all time. Now, that movie has been given a modern update and the new trailer for the film has been released.

As many may already suspect, Beaches is a film that has been adapted for TV and will air, not surprisingly, on Lifetime, according to Deadline. It also will not be a long wait for fans of Beaches. Lifetime has announced that the film will be airing on the cable network this winter on January 21.

The casting call for Beaches has landed the part of Hillary with Nia Long and the role of C.C. with Idian Menzel. Although the two characters will have different but similar backgrounds in the Lifetime film as they did in the movie, the core of the story seems to be intact for those who fell in love with the original tale.

For those who need a little brush-up on Beaches, the film has been hailed as one of the best dramatic comedies of all time. Although there were several instances in the film that made for laugh out loud comedy, Beaches was a real tear-jerker at its core and that is what gave it the legendary status that it currently enjoys in the mantels of history.

Beaches started out with C.C. and Hillary meeting under the boardwalk while C.C. was smoking a cigarette at a very young age. Hillary was the girl from a privileged family and C.C. wad the talented young lady who had a promising career in show business.

The two struck up an immediate friendship when they met on Beaches, even though it was under rather peculiar circumstances. All the cards in the deck were stacked against them remaining friends, but they never let go of each other.

Their friendship on Beaches spanned over three decades and it featured their ups and downs along the way. Both married and became successful at one point in their lives, but they also faced hardships and tragedies that both went through together, although they were a long ways apart in most cases.

The two leading ladies on Beaches were so close that even after their divorces, they still found a way to be a non-traditional family and raised Hillary’s young daughter much in the same way.

There are actually many more parts to Beaches that gave the film such an immense legendary status, but to list them here would be a major spoiler and this article will not do that.

In the remake of Beaches, the basic plot of the original story seems to be fully intact, just updated with some modern taste.

In the original Beaches film, Bette Midler also sang the theme song, “The Wind Beneath My Wings.” As fans may have already gathered from the trailer, that same theme song will be used in the Lifetime remake of Beaches, and it will also include Idian Menzel singing the legendary track as well.

The Beaches trailer also highlights some of the memorable moments from the original film that have made their way into the new film as well. That includes all the ups and downs that both women endured during their three-decade lives together, including the birth of Hillary’s daughter.

There has been no word yet if Bette Midler or Barbara Hershey will be making any cameos in the remake of Beaches, but it is highly unlikely. Although that is something that has been inherent to many movie remakes over the years, Beaches departs from the normal comedy remake that likes to feature such tactics.

Beaches premieres on Lifetime this winter on January 21.

See below for the trailer from the original Beaches.

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