Turkey UFO Fleet Mass Sighting Sends County Into Terror, Witnesses Take To Social Media To Share Stories, Photos [Video]

In the darkest hours of November 27, a bizarre mass sighting that has been described as a “UFO fleet” was pictured by residents living in cities all across Turkey. Many witnesses to the event were in terror due to what they had witnessed, and during the mass UFO sighting in Turkey, thousands of people shared photos and video of the UFO fleet to social media. For a time, the hashtag #ufoattacktoturkey was the top trend on Twitter, as hundreds of thousands of people tried to figure out what they were seeing.

While some might find think that a mass UFO fleet sighting in Turkey could only be a joke, the photos and videos posted to Twitter and other social media sites clearly show that something bizarre was hovering in the sky above the Middle Eastern nation. What’s more, the alleged UFO fleet was incredibly widespread, with sightings reported and images captured in cities across the nation.

As Daily Star reports, the Turkey UFO Fleet mass sighting got so much attention, for a time there was video compilation of the event (coming from multiple sources) posted to YouTube by iconic UFO hunting channel secureteam10. According to the folks at secureteam10, the mass sighting resulted in mass panic in Turkey.

“We had a fleet of these unknown lights that were appearing in multiple cities across the country of Turkey, causing mass panic for many people.”

Some videos of the so-called UFO fleet were even streamed in real time as shocked and terrified eye-witnesses desperately tried to decide if an invasion was imminent and whether or not they should flee. While some called the trending hashtag, #ufoattacktoturkey, into question (there was no evidence of any kind of “attack” in any of the UFO footage or photos), others dismissed the concerns about the wording of the English-translation social media moniker.

In all likelihood, it was created by someone in Turkey whose first language was not English, hence a bit of a translation issue, and definitely not enough of a reason to dismiss the Turkey UFO fleet mass sighting. Particularly with so much visual evidence and so many eyewitness accounts.

Some social media users even accused big social media platforms of censoring the trend, and trying to brush the massive Turkey sighting under the rug. Some users noticed something perplexing and suspicious about the way the trending hashtag simply disappeared from the list of trends, despite having been the top trend for some time.

Not surprisingly, many put the blame for the Turkey UFO fleet directly on the shoulders of NASA (even though NASA is America’s space agency and not affiliated with the area where the UFO’s were widely sighted), calling out the space agency on social media.

Witnesses to the Turkey UFO fleet described the unidentified flying objects they saw as being clusters of soundless, hovering lights that were seen and photographed across major and minor cities across the nation. Some people captured even more compelling video, video that makes it hard to deny that observers of the mysterious UFO fleet definitely saw something over the weekend in the skies above Turkey.

Others snapped photographs and shared them to social media, to much of the same effect.

Some are even comparing the Turkey UFO fleet mass sighting to the infamous and still unexplained “Phoenix Lights” incident of 1997, nearly 20 years ago.

Despite the widespread credence given to the weekend’s UFO fleet mass sighting in Turkey, some are saying that the alleged event was nothing more than a well-constructed hoax, reports Express UK.

The allegation is that the images that were widely circulated on social media and which were attributed to the Turkey sighting were, for the most part, doctored. Many were supposedly images from old events, some changed up using photo editing programs to make the Turkey event seem more believable.

Scott Brando, a UFO investigator, is certain that the #ufoattacktoturkey “mass sighting” was nothing more than a very successful hoax. Of course, Brando makes his money debunking UFO sightings and runs the “hoax-busing” site ufoofinterest.org. He claims that some of the light formations depicted in the Turkey mass UFO fleet sighting images that flooded social media over the weekend had been published years ago; he even claims to have pinpointed a UFO in one of the new sighting photos as one that was supposed to be a fleet of UFOs over Santiago, Chile.

After all, the Phoenix Lights have been dubbed a hoax by many, despite thousands of credible eyewitnesses who swear they saw what they claimed to have seen.

Not everyone is buying the hoax explanation, though. Die-hard UFO buffs are positive that something real took place over Turkey, although not everyone thinks that they were looking at alien spacecraft. Some believe that the “mass sighting” could have been nothing more than unidentified high-tech military drones.

So far, neither the Turkish government, nor NASA have commented on the Turkey UFO fleet mass sighting.

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