Trump’s ‘Thank You Tour’ Starts December 1 In Cincinnati, Rally Photos, Live-Streaming Video On The Way

According to the schedule of the official “Donald J. Trump for President” page, President-elect Trump is starting a “Thank You Tour” on Thursday.

“Thursday, December 01, 2016 – Cincinnati, OH. Donald J. Trump & Governor Mike Pence. U.S. Bank Arena. 7:00 PM. Join us for the USA Thank You Tour 2016 in the U.S. Bank Arena. Doors open at 4:00 p.m.”

President-Elect Trump decided to launch Trump’s “Thank You Tour,” according to Bloomberg, to say thanks to all of Trump’s supporters for helping elect him as the next president of the U.S.

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The publication reports that Trump’s director of advance — George Gigicos — was certain to call it a “Thank You Tour” and not a “Victory Tour,” as Gigicos found himself correcting journalists who called it a “Victory Tour” for Trump instead of the correct “Thank You Tour” language.

Trump’s rallies were controversial events, with Trump rally photos gaining plenty of views for publications like Heavy.

Although Trump’s official website only has the information for the “Thank You Tour” in Ohio on December 1, it likely isn’t the only location where Trump’s “Thank You Tour” will take place.

According to Bloomberg, Gigicos advised reporters that the “Thank You Tour” may take Trump to “swing states” that were “flipped over,” meaning Gigicos could have been speaking about the Trump “Thank You Tour” taking Trump to Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Florida.

The second stop on Trump’s “Thank You Tour” could land Trump in Des Moines, Iowa. The remaining stops on Trump’s planned “Thank You Tour” will be announced to the public as the venues are booked.

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The Trump rallies were testing grounds for Trump as he tried out nicknames like “Crooked Hillary” for Hillary Clinton, as reported by Business Insider, and determined the nicknames that the Trump rally crowds responded to the best. Trump rallies were known for bringing approximately crowds the size of 5,000 to 10,000 people.

Staying tuned to the above-linked Trump schedule page on Trump’s official website will provide more information about Trump’s “Thank You Tour.”

Meanwhile, in order to register for the Cincinnati Trump “Thank You Tour,” the Trump website explains that people are limited to two tickets for each cell phone number they register, with the tickets available first come, first served. The website explains that folks who want to attend the Trump “Thank You Tour” in Cincinnati need to sign and share their #TrumpContract and bring the “Trump contracts” with them to the “Thank You Tour” rally.

“You may only register up two (2) tickets per mobile number per event. All tickets are subject to first come first serve basis. Sign and Share your #TrumpContract–then bring it with you.

U.S. Bank Arena

100 Broadway St.

Cincinnati, OH 45202

Thursday, December 01, 2016 at 7:00 PM (EST)”

According to Heavy, Trump’s “Thank You Tour” rallies will be able to be seen via live and streaming YouTube videos so that those who can’t attend the “Thank You Tour” rallies in person can watch them online.

Some reactions from social media about Trump’s forthcoming “Thank You Tour” rallies can be read below.

: “Trump is set to go on an election ‘victory tour.’ Talk about insecure. Let’s call it ‘Little Hands Across America’ — just to annoy him.”

“AWESOME! Donald Trump Launching ‘THANK YOU TOUR’ in Ohio On Thursday.”

: “Trump: everyone must join me on my sphincter-kissing, ego-massaging self-esteem boosting Tour. ‘Cause I luv my supporters. But ONLY u guys.”

: “P-e Trump is doing honor tour. Get tickets. Rioters, thugs & Clintons not welcome. Cincinnati, Ohio (12/1/16) 7 p.m.”

: “Trump’s doing a ‘Thank You Tour.’ Yes he is. No. No possible way. Uh huh. Nuh uh. Is too. Is not. Crap. He is too.”

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