Kristen Doute Previews Drama With Ariana Madix And Tom Sandoval And Speculates Why Ariana Is Friends With Lala Kent

Will viewers be seeing the return of drama between Kristen Doute and her ex-boyfriend, Tom Sandoval (Tom 1), and his girlfriend, Ariana Madix, as the season of Vanderpump Rules progresses? Last week’s episode showed Katie Maloney asking Kristen to be one of her bridesmaids for her upcoming wedding to Tom Schwartz (Tom 2). Tom 2, in turn, picked Tom 1 to be one of his groomsmen. On the latest episode that aired on Monday night, viewers saw Tom 2 choose one other person to be a groomsman. Surprisingly, the person that Tom 2 added to his groomsmen group wasn’t even a man but a woman: Tom 1’s girlfriend, Ariana.

During her appearance on Andy Cohen’s talk show Watch What Happens Live on Monday night, Kristen previewed the drama that viewers can expect to watch between her and Tom 1 and Ariana. Kristen also gave her thoughts on why Ariana, unlike the rest of the other female cast members, refuses to ostracize Lala Kent.

During the after-show portion, a viewer asked Kristen how she felt about being in Katie’s bridal party while Tom 1 and Ariana were in Tom 2’s groom’s party. Kristen revealed that she and the entire group put Katie and Tom 2 first. Yet that doesn’t mean that all of the wedding festivities went off without a hitch. Katie also made it clear that not everyone got along very well the entire time, that “drama followed” and that it’ll be “interesting” for viewers to watch what unfolds.

“Honestly, that’s why I’m so, this is my favorite season. It’s going to be so interesting for you guys to watch kind of like the full circle and go back to season 1, like OG cast, like all together again. Not saying we all got along very well but we all put Tom and Katie first and then the drama followed.”

As viewers saw play out in a previous season, Kristen had a very bitter and messy breakup with Tom 1 after more than five years of dating and cohabitation. Prior to their split, Kristen accused Tom 1 of cheating on her with Ariana, who had just started working at SUR as a bartender alongside Tom 1.

Both Tom 1 and Ariana denied that they were doing anything together behind Kristen’s back. Kristen’s relationship with Tom 1 eventually ended after it came out that she had sex with Jax Taylor and also due to her jealous and controlling behavior. As it turned out, after Kristen and Tom finally ended their relationship, he and Ariana became a couple. Not surprisingly, Kristen didn’t think very highly of Ariana and later spent a lot of time talking badly, both on and off the air, about both her and Tom 1. Ariana and Tom 1 made it clear that they wanted nothing to do with Kristen, whom they deemed to be a crazy person.

On season 4, Kristen Doute’s feud with Ariana Madix and Tom Sandoval seemed to die down a bit. Kristen was even shown apologizing to Ariana for saying such horrible things about her, including wishing for her death. Ariana, however, didn’t exactly accept Kristen’s apology as genuine. Ariana told Kristen that she doesn’t trust her and to stay away from her. Since then, Kristen and Ariana, while still not friends, have been shown being able to be cordial with one another in group settings.

On the Vanderpump Rules season 5 premiere episode, Ariana and Tom 1 showed up late to the group’s gathering at a magazine party. Upon learning that newcomer Lala Kent, along with James Kennedy, had just gotten into an argument with the rest of the group, including Kristen Doute, Ariana made it clear that she was thought that the drama was silly and wasn’t going to join the rest of the women in bashing Lala. While the previous and latest episodes have shown Kristen, Katie Maloney, Stassi Schroeder, and Scheana Shay ostracizing Lala, Ariana has refused to do the same.

During Kristen’s Watch What Happens Live appearance, a viewer asked Kristen whether she thinks Ariana is friends with Lala because she separated herself from the other girls last year. Kristen speculated that perhaps it’s true that Ariana, who has never been particularly close with the other women with the exception of Scheana, is friends with Lala because she has no one else.

“Yeah maybe cause why else would you be friends with Lala?”

Last week’s episode showed Katie Maloney explaining that she didn’t ask Ariana to be one of her bridesmaids because of her refusal to stop talking to Lala. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Ariana, as that episode aired, made it clear via social media that she wasn’t bothered by the non-invite. She also seemed to dub the other women “mean girls.” On Monday night’s episode, Tom Schwartz, explaining that he liked Ariana and wanted her to be included, invited her to be one of her groomsmen, which Ariana happily accepted.

Yet are Ariana Madix and Lala even friends? While it might be true that Ariana talks to Lala at work simply because Katie doesn’t want her to, it may also be true that they’re not even really friends with one another. Their respective social media accounts don’t show any photos of them hanging out with one another.

On Watch What Happens Live, Kristen Doute made clear her own reasons for ostracizing Lala Kent, referencing the fact that Lala has made fun of Katie’s weight both on and off the air.

“I don’t want to be associated with anyone that has anything to do with someone like Lala. Someone who whines and cries to her mom [about] she’s become this vicious person, but she’s continued to be a vicious person since we filmed all of that. And she’s body shaming Katie on social media, taking to her Snapchat and acting like she’s above all of us. No, I don’t want to be associated with anyone that knows that girl.”

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