Ariana Madix And Scheana Shay React To Katie Maloney’s Bridesmaid Exclusion And Lala Kent Treatment

Katie Maloney has been the recipient of a lot of criticism on social media since the latest Vanderpump Rules episode aired on Monday night. Viewers have bombarded Katie’s Twitter and Instagram accounts to tell her how wrong she was in regard to her treatment of Lala Kent. Some viewers have also criticized Katie for excluding Ariana Madix from her bridesmaid party. As the episode aired, Katie defended herself from the criticism. Ariana also gave her opinion on what viewers were watching, revealing her true feelings over the bridesmaid exclusion and Katie’s treatment of Lala. Scheana Shay also weighed in on the matter, as she has received some comments accusing her of abandoning Ariana and Lala so she could stay in good standing with Katie, Stassi Schroeder, and Kristen Doute.

A viewer posted a tweet that questioned why everyone was attacking Katie simply because she doesn’t want to be friends with someone who talks badly about her.

@MusicKillsKate Why is everyone attacking Katie bc she doesn’t wanna be friends w/ someone who talks shit about her? “

Katie thanked the viewer for understanding her position.

“Thank you for actually understanding!”

Unfortunately for Katie, she continued to receive a lot of criticism. Some people pointed out that her behavior was hypocritical and that she herself should have known better than to act like that because she herself has been the victim of such behavior. One person pointed out that what Katie did to Scheana, forcing people to choose sides, was exactly what Stassi previously did to her.

Another viewer pointed out that while Katie now doesn’t think that people should have a problem with her not wanting to be friends with Lala, Katie had a problem with Ariana not wanting to be friends with Kristen last season.

Yet another viewer pointed out that if Katie’s reasoning for not wanting to be friends with Lala is that she talks “s**t” about her, then she shouldn’t be friends with any of the women since everyone has talked badly about the other at one point.

Many other viewers wrote that their criticism is not simply because Katie doesn’t want to be friends with Lala but because she’s telling others to not be friends with Lala and reacting negatively to them if they dare to be friendly to her.

One viewer wrote that not wanting your friends to be friends with someone because of your own dislike of that person is immature, self-absorbed, mean, and spoiled behavior.

On the latest Vanderpump Rules episode, Katie Maloney chose her bridesmaids for her upcoming wedding to Tom Schwartz. Included in the bridesmaid party were Stassi Schroeder, Kristen Doute, Scheana Shay, and Brittany Cartwright. The group had an awkward conversation about the fact that Ariana Madix wasn’t included. Katie admitted that she doesn’t trust Ariana since she’s friends with Lala Kent.

At SUR, Katie and Ariana had an awkward conversation about Katie’s decision to not include Ariana as a bridesmaid. Ariana didn’t seem that hurt over the exclusion.

On Twitter, Ariana admitted that she was just fine with not being a bridesmaid.

In a subsequent tweet, Ariana implied that Katie and the other women shouldn’t be acting as if they know her. It seems that what Ariana was really saying with her previous tweet was that she wasn’t bothered about not being one of Katie’s bridesmaids not because she totally hates “bridesmaid stuff,” as the others believe, but because she didn’t want to join in on behavior she found objectionable or simply because she’s not very close to Katie.

When another viewer tweeted that the caption for the episode should have been “Ariana is left out in the cold,” Ariana replied that it’s warm where she’s at.

Ariana also suggested that the other women were being mean girls.

When Lala started working at SUR last year, she and Katie got off on the wrong foot after Katie questioned whether she was going to Italy because she was in demand as a model as she claimed or really because she was providing sexual services to a rich benefactor. Throughout Season 4, Lala and Katie continued to clash, especially when Lala went topless in front of Tom Schwartz and made clear that he was someone she was interested in.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Katie responded with anger when Lala, during an interview in March, predicted that she’ll hook up with Tom next. A few months later, Lala tweeted that Katie was a “no sex havin’ teletubby.”

On Monday night’s episode, things came to a head between Katie and Lala when Lala attempted to apologize to Katie. Katie outright rejected Lala’s apology, stating that it wasn’t genuine. Katie reminded Lala of all the horrible things she has said about her and done to her, including basically calling her fat and trying to come on to Tom. Lala said that Katie has “thrown rocks” at her too. Katie stood by having called Lala a “whore.”

“What? Because I call you a whore? Well, I mean, call it as I see it.”

The argument continued to the point where Katie accused Lala of being with a married man. Lala questioned where the married man rumor was coming from. When Katie pointed out that Lala has very expensive things, like a Range Rover, Lala said that her parents pay for everything.

Later on in the episode, Katie, during her housewarming party, told Kristen and Stassi that she was annoyed with Scheana because she saw Scheana being friendly to Lala at SUR the other night. Scheana defended herself and reassured Katie that she was on her side.

Ariana, who was friends with Scheana before Scheana was accepted by Katie, Kristen, and Stassi, actually tweeted to Scheana in response to Scheana, as shown in the Vanderpump Rules episode, questioning whose team she was on. Ariana proclaimed that she’s not on Katie or Lala’s team.

In response to criticism that she has deserted Ariana Madix in order to be on the good sides of Katie Maloney, Stassi Schroeder, and Kristen Doute, Scheana Shay proclaimed that she’ll always be on Ariana’s team. Scheana added that whatever happened between Lala Kent and Katie was between them.

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