Three-Year-Old Girl In Tragic Accident Will Never Recover, Parents Make Plans To Donate Vital Organs

Parents of a young girl who suffered extensive brain damage are making plans to donate her vital organs, the Salt Lake Tribune is reporting.

Elsie Mahe was discovered last week in her bedroom with cords from a window blind around her neck by her four-year-old friend. Her mother, Sunny performed CPR before emergency respondents arrived and rushed her to Primary Children’s Hospital in Salt Lake City.

It was unclear how she got the cords around her throat. It could not also be determined how long she was deprived of oxygen. However, an MRI scan at the hospital showed widespread brain damage. The little girl was placed on a respirator and intubated, but her conditions did not improve.

A Sunny Mahe update on a GoFundMe Page, opened to cover the young girl’s medical expenses revealed the parents were in talks with doctors to donate her vital organs.

“We met this morning with a representative from the hospital organ donation team and feel confident that this is the Lord’s will for Elsie—to be a life-saving miracle for others. It is not the miracle that we wanted, but it is the one that we got. It is still a miracle.”

Her father Reno Mahe, a retired BYU receiver who played five years for the Philadelphia Eagles and currently a university coach had been singing to his little girl ever since the accident. His wife, Sunny said Elsie’s brain functions had been minimal and even that was receding as well.

“We will stay by her side and continue to love her forever…but her brain is only functioning enough to give her body oxygen and perform very basic functions, and those have begun to decline as well.”

The family said the little girl was at peace and not in pain. They added that they had not agreed on a timeline yet to harvest Elsie’s organs and give them to needy recipients. At the weekend, Reno Mahe returned to the NFL sidelines and assisted the Cougars to a 28-10 win over Utah State. Fans from both teams wore pink, Elsie’s favorite color in a show of solidarity with the family.

The support was deeply appreciated by the grief-stricken family. Sunny Mahe said she regarded it as a pillar of strength which had stopped her from crumbling to pieces and standing strong for her other six children.

“My friends of all faiths, thank you for your sustaining love, support, prayers and fasts…I believe it to be the reason I have not fallen to pieces and I am able to be strength to my family.”

Sunny and Reno who belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints had asked for prayers and fasts which is a Mormon trait when they desire a miracle. They admitted even though the miraculous recovery of their little girl was not realized, they took solace in the fact Elsie’s organs would perform miracles in the lives of others.

Earlier this week, hundreds of people had attended the funeral of Jessica Whelan who died of cancer. The four-year-old girl had caught the eye of the world when her father shared a picture of her during her painful ordeal.

Andy Whelan’s image of Jessica, writhing and crying in bed was shared to generate awareness of the stark realities of childhood cancer. The father also launched a petition for parliament to commit more resources towards pediatric cancer research.

Over 400 people turned up to pay their last rites to Jessica Whelan. The procession was led her by two favorite police horses. Her coffin was resplendent in pink, her favorite color, same as Elsie Mahe’s. Andy Whelan had announced his daughter’s death, last week in a mixture of emotions. The father said he was happy to see his daughter suffer no longer, but was heartbroken that she was gone forever.

“No longer does she suffer, no longer does she feel the pain of the physical constraints of her body…my princess has grown her angel wings and has gone up to play with her friends and loved ones.”

Jessica Whelan’s rare form of cancer is known as Neuroblastoma. It affects less than 100 children in the United Kingdom, every year. The cancer attacks nerve cells found in the neck, abdomen, chest, pelvis and spinal cord. Neuroblastoma mainly affects babies and children under the age of five.

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