Popular Vote 2016 Polls: Donald Trump Claims Nearly Three Million Votes Were Illegal

The popular vote in the 2016 polls appears to be heavily favoring Hillary Clinton by nearly 3 million votes. This leads many to wonder how Donald Trump won and became president-elect for this term.

Trump allegedly believes that those millions of votes were made illegally, once again pointing to possible corruption in the voting system. This mirrors what the president-elect originally stated about how the system was rigged.

By this point, it’s difficult to tell exactly where the fault lies, as Democratic protesters have been pointing to the alleged “white supremacists” for Trump’s victory. While the Ku Klux Klan and other white power groups have shown public support for the president-elect, there is no evidence that Trump supports them in return, despite refusing to condemn them. There were also possibly thousands of people of all genders, ethnic backgrounds, and religions who voted for Donald Trump. It’s possible that they were simply going by name recognition, not knowing who was even on the ballot, according to popular Google search results at the time.

Another possibility is that Clinton was corrupt, as Trump had claimed and still suggests. The reveal of her leaked emails on WikiLeaks offered plenty of speculation pointing to her campaign having been funded by the same people who funded terrorist organizations. Other allegations include her paying several news sources to make Donald Trump look horrible.

It’s things like this that make it difficult to know where the facts lie despite both sides claiming the other side cheated.

Donald Trump’s words in response to the popular vote in the 2016 polls point to a persisting issue involving Republican ballots being allegedly torn up, voting machines malfunctioning, and the Electoral College allegedly cheating behind the scenes. There is also the possibility that President Obama’s allowance of immigrant votes may have given Hillary Clinton an advantage, especially after the whole “wall of Mexico” debacle.

The re-count being ordered by former Green Party presidential hopeful Jill Stein has shown that Clinton had almost 3 million votes over Trump, reports BBC News.

This may be the reason for Trump’s choice of words on Twitter about millions of “illegal” votes. Of course, he also stated that he won the Electoral College “in a landslide.” His and Hillary’s numbers had actually been extremely close throughout the wee hours of November 9 (or around midnight November 8, depending on your time zone).

The popular vote would also create a situation in which the larger population states would have all of the power in an election, as California, Texas, and New York would be among the majority of votes. The Electoral College was created as a way to keep all states equal and give Hawaii, Rhode Island, and Connecticut a chance to have their votes matter.

The biggest problem is when the Electoral College does some sneaky voting as Last Week Tonight host John Oliver pointed out with actual video footage.

The International Business Times states that Hillary Clinton’s popular vote lead is the same as those of pre-election polls, meaning that the Electoral College made the real difference. By giving each state an equal chance to have their collective voice heard, Rhode Island and Texas had the same number of votes.

Do you agree with Donald Trump that over two million popular votes in the 2016 polls were due to illegal voting?

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