Obama Calls Romney A “Bulls****er”

Barack Obama responded to a 6 year-old supporter’s praise by stating that his opponent Mitt Romney is a ‘bulls***ter’.

This came at the end of an interview with ‘Rolling Stone’ magazine as he left the Oval Office, when Obama was passed on a message by the six year old son of Eric Bates, the executive editor of the publication, via his father which simply was, ‘Tell him: You can do it.’

Bates then stated that Obama grinned and responded, “You know, kids have good instinct. They look at the other guy and say, “Well that’s a bullsh***er, I can tell.” It’s not known if Obama thought that he was on the record or believed that he wasn’t.

This interview between Obama and Bates was conducted on 11 October. More recently Obama seems to have spoken about his opponent with high praise. Mike Allen stated in his Playboy column that on the 21 October stating at the Alfred E. Smith Memorial dinner in New York:

“I particularly want to thank Governor Romney for joining me, because I admire him very much as a family man and a loving father, and those are two titles that will always matter more than any political ones.

“So, we may have different political perspectives, but I think — in fact, I’m certain– that we share the hope that the next four years will reflect the same decency and the same willingness to come together for a higher purpose that are on display this evening.”

Obama has been discussing Romney’s ‘Romnesia’ recently as the Presidential election continues to heat up.

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