Super Bowl Tickets For Life: Bud Light Drinkers Go For The Gold

Do you want to win Super Bowl tickets for life? At the risk of busting your beer belly, Budweiser can make that football fantasy of yours come true.

Few nationally televised events ever garnered such high viewership ratings as the annual Super Bowl game. It’s a thing. Whichever member of your social circle boasts the most gargantuan plasma screen television, he or she gets delegated to host a gathering of family members and friends to watch the long-anticipated spectacle. Also gathered for these party events are such edibles as chili, wings, and dips, as well as everyone’s favorite football game libation, beer. This year, plan on getting a head start on your drinking. By imbibing now, you just might end up celebrating future Super Bowl games from the stadium bleachers instead of from the couch in your brother’s man cave by winning free Super Bowl tickets for life.

As the official beer sponsor of the NFL, Budweiser has played a role in the Super Bowl game for years. For many spectators, the eagerness to view the game is paralleled by an equal enthusiasm to take in some new commercials. The beer company’s iconic Clydesdale horses have been featured in the Super Bowl advertising lineup every year since 1986. Now, Anheuser-Busch is taking their role in the Bowl a step further to promote their Bud Light product.

According to Anheuser-Busch, the gold can contest is advertised on new packaging of Bud Light beer. From now through January 13, all cases of 18, 24 and 30 12-ounce cans of Bud Light will feature the image of a gold can within a row of blue cans on the package, along with the slogan “Strike Gold.” That gold can is your chance to win Super Bowl tickets for life. Although every package will exhibit an image of the gold can, only some will actually contain the real thing. To be precise, 37,000 gold cans have been randomly distributed among these cases.

Obviously, the first step toward winning that coveted grand prize is to start stocking up on copious amounts of Bud Light. Drink responsibly, however. Once you have determined that the newly opened case is lacking the gold can, relegate the rest to your inventory of Super Bowl party supplies. If you should strike gold, then you will need to proceed to the next step to enter the sweepstakes.

You will want to take a selfie with that gold can to post on social media. You know you will want to, admit it. As it happens, that is the next step in the quest for free Super Bowl tickets for life. Take a selfie with that valuable gold can, and then post the selfie on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, and you must include the hashtags #SBTix4Life and #Sweeps in your post.

Note that the limited edition gold can cases of Bud Light are not being distributed in California. If you reside in California, however, you can still participate in the sweepstakes. Simply post a selfie in which you are displaying your team spirit, and use the two aforementioned hashtags in your social media post.

Starting on December 12, a drawing will be held each week for six weeks. At each drawing, a lucky winner will be selected to win a pair of season tickets to his or her chosen NFL team. The final weekly drawing will take place on January 16, 2017, and the grand prize winner will be announced as well. One luckier person will win the gold, that is, they will win free Super Bowl tickets for life. In addition to the annual pair of free tickets, the winner will receive $1,000 each year as well.

It should be mentioned that if you have a history of lengthy lifespans in your family tree and plan to continue that tradition of longevity, the free Super Bowl tickets may not last for life. The prize only endures for up to 51 years, but if you wisely invest that $1,000 each year in the meantime, you should have no problem buying tickets for yourself and all of your neighbors after the prize period expires.

If you’re a self-professed football fanatic, trek on over to your neighborhood beer distributor for a few packages of Bud Light. Watch some old Bud Light Super Bowl commercials if you need inspiration. Whether you win a pair of season tickets to your favorite team or the grand prize of free Super Bowl tickets for life, going for the gold is a winning way to savor your lager.

[Featured Image by Scukrov/iStock]