WWE Rumors: Roman Reigns Fighting Kevin Owens For Universal Championship, But Will He Win?

With all of the buzz surrounding Roman Reigns as of late, it would make sense that more WWE rumors come out about him as we get closer to Roadblock, the last Raw brand Pay-Per-View event of the year. Now, fans who think that this controversial athlete from the prestigious Anoa’i wrestling family should be one of the few to wear two belts might get their wish, as Reigns is confirmed to fight Kevin Owens during the event.

According to Wrestlezone‘s latest round of WWE rumors, this all came to pass yesterday during last night’s episode of Raw. The two fighters were featured on the Highlight Reel at the start of the show, wherein Owens taunted Reigns with the claims that he wasn’t “the man.”

Of course, Reigns demonstrated that he was, in fact, The Man when he soundly but surely defeated Owens later on, thereby clearing the path for the title fight next month. If Reigns defeats Owens at Roadblock, he will become the first wrestler since The Miz to hold two titles at once.

Naturally, the WWE rumors surrounding this title match have many wrestling commentators working overtime to get in their digs against both men, as the latest reports from Daily DDT confirm. Owens might have won the Universal Championship title three months ago, but plenty of issues have plagued that run.

Unlike the times when he held the NXT and the Intercontinental titles, Owens’ Universal title run has been marred by controversy. First, there was the alliance with Triple H that seemed to fall apart long before it even had a chance to get off the ground. Then, there was the “bro-mance” between Chris Jericho and Owens that only seemed to do wonders for Jericho’s career because Owens and Jericho seem to be more frenemies than they are allies, and it’s really only a matter of time before this “bro-mance” falls apart.

And let’s not even discuss the fact that prior to facing off against Reigns, the only WWE Superstar he really faced off against was Seth Rollins (who is, of course, Reigns’ former Shield stablemate). How can that really be considered defending the belt?

So Roman Reigns facing off against Owens, according to the site, is really the only fair fight that Owens has ever participated in since he won the title. It would only be fair if he lost the belt to the number one contender.

And these latest WWE rumors are a bit of a welcome respite for Roman Reigns, who has found himself beleaguered with troubles since it was announced that he was allegedly tossed out of the Royal Rumble match. According to The Bitbag, the chances of Reigns actually taking home the title are pretty high, but could he really earn enough accolades to wear both belts without drawing fire from the fans?

“Kevin is holding the Universal Championship belt, while Reigns is holding United States Championship Belt. Both wrestlers have made it very clear that they love nothing but their titles. It may be possible that Seth Rollins, Chris Jericho, Kevin Owens and Roman Reigns will form a ‘big-four’ match for Roadblock and one of them will snatch both titles away. Reigns is facing a backlash from fans since 2015 after he bested Daniel Bryan and took home the Royal Rumble title of the year. The fans wanted to recall the fight and have a rematch. Since then Roman is paying the price for becoming the most hated wrestler amongst the fans.”

What do you think of this latest round of WWE rumors? Who do you think will take home the title belts? Leave your thoughts about the latest WWE rumors in the comments section below!

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