'Days Of Our Lives' Spoilers: Jen Lilley Back As Theresa Donovan Already?

Days of Our Lives viewers only recently watched as Theresa Donovan left Salem and her family behind, but is actress Jen Lilley ready to return to Salem? Although Theresa only just left Salem, Lilley has been gone from the show since Spring since DOOL films six months in advance. Theresa left in such a way that it would make it very easy for her to return to the show with little explanation, but will it happen anytime soon? Fans are already speaking out about wanting the character to come back home.

According to Soap Hub, Jen Lilley has hinted multiple times that there is a possibility of her returning to Days of Our Lives. The actress, who has been very busy since leaving the role of Theresa behind, recently replied to a fan's tweet about recasting the role if Lilley was unable to return to the NBC soap. Jen revealed that the show has her number, and they can call her at any time to talk about a return.

Meanwhile, one fan suggested that the actress return now, but Lilley put an end to that speculation by revealing that she couldn't return to Days of Our Lives right now even if she wanted to because she's currently in Vancouver filming a movie. No details on the actress' new movie role have been revealed yet. Jen was also recently seen in an episode of Grey's Anatomy, where she played a pregnant woman estranged from her family.
Jen Lilley's personal life has also been extremely busy since she leaving Days of Our Lives. The actress is now navigating the ups and downs of parenting as she's a foster mother to a baby boy, as well as a little girl whom Lilley revealed lost her very first tooth on Thanksgiving Day.
As Days of Our Lives viewers know, Theresa Donovan was forced to leave Salem to protect her son, Tate, and the love of her life, Brady, from a Mexican drug lord with whom she once had an affair with. Theresa and her father, Shane, are now working with the ISA to attempt to take the drug lord down. Sadly, Theresa was forced to lie to Brady to convince him that she was back on drugs, and she no longer wanted to be a wife and a mother. The emotional scenes left fans in tears as they watched Theresa say goodbye to the people she loves the most. While Theresa will hopefully be back in Salem very soon, Days Cafe reveals that while she is away Brady will move on with his life and even get a new love interest. This could mean that a new character is on the way to Salem to spark Brady's interest, or that he could rekindle his romance with one of his former flames, Nicole Walker or Chloe Lane.As previously reported by the Inquisitr, actress Shelly Hennig is set to reprise her role as Stephanie Johnson, the daughter of Steve Johnson and Kayla Brady. Perhaps Stephanie's return to Salem will spark some feelings in Brady and a new Days of Our Lives couple will be born. If Theresa were to make her way back home, it does seem that she would return after Brady and his new love interest have gotten serious. This would lead to the kind of love triangle scenario that fans love to watch unfold. However, Theresa may have an advantage in that scenario since she is the mother of Brady's son, Tate.

What are your thoughts on the latest Days of Our Lives spoilers? Do you want Jen Lilley to return as Theresa Donovan, or should the role be recast?

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