Hillary Clinton’s Team Aren’t Pleased About Jill Stein’s Recount Effort

Jill Stein is currently busy pushing for a recount in several key states, in a bid to alter the outcome of the presidential election, however, the move has irritated many of Hillary Clinton’s closest advisors. Many within Clinton’s team are certain that the Green party candidate’s efforts won’t change the outcome of the election – which Republican candidate Donald Trump won in a surprise victory earlier this month.

According to Politico, Hillary Clinton’s closest advisors are under no illusion that Jill Stein’s efforts to push for a recount in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan will swing the outcome of the election. In fact, many within the Clinton camp are said to be irritated because the Green party candidate’s efforts will only cement Donald Trump’s victory over their candidate. With that in mind, Hillary Clinton herself isn’t expected to make any form of statement regarding the recount, with her advisors keen for the candidate to keep quiet about Jill Stein’s efforts.

David Brock, an organizer involved with Clinton’s push for the White House, confirmed that the campaign won’t be investing any resources in the effort, saying “Recounting votes is as American as apple pie. There’s nothing wrong with the effort, but it’s not somewhere where I would put the political energy of my groups, and I’m not.” At the same time, Brock has been asked by many of the party’s donors whether or not they should contribute to the recount effort, but he confirmed that he was focusing his energy on instead “watch-dogging the Trump transition.”

Jill Stein’s decision to push for a recount has put Hillary Clinton’s campaign in a difficult position. Whilst many of Clinton’s closest advisors are confident that such a recount won’t change the results of the election, they also feel an obligation to be involved with the recount, especially considering Clinton’s victory in the popular vote.


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Many of Hillary Clinton’s supporters have given their backing to the Green party candidate’s fundraising efforts. According to Fortune, Stein has now raised close to $7 million for the recount effort, which is more than twice the amount of money she managed to raise for her own presidential bid. Social media is said to have been integral in fundraising that has allowed Jill Stein to launch recount bids in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan.

With a mind that they’re not going to be able to swing enough electoral college votes to secure Hillary Clinton the presidency, many of her top advisors are content with the fact that their candidate still holds a significant lead over President-elect Trump in the popular vote. A former senior Clinton aide thinks the campaign is pleased seeing Donald Trump squirm, saying “That doesn’t mean he didn’t win the Electoral College. He did. But his inability to cope with the majority of the country voting for someone else is, well, a lot of us view it as a window into his heart.”

Before Jill Stein launched her own recount efforts, the Clinton campaign is believed to have been presented with several theories about vote hacking. Ultimately, it was former campaign chairman John Podesta who made the decision for the Clinton campaign not to press ahead with its own recount. However, when Jill Stein announced that she’d be seeking recounts in a number of key states, the Clinton campaign confirmed that it would be involved in overseeing any such recounts, despite reluctance from many of Clinton’s closest advisors.

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