Rob Kardashian To Live With Blac Chyna And Their Newborn Daughter Dream

Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna had been living apart before Chyna gave birth to their newborn baby girl whom they called Dream. However, the couple has settled in and has been living together since the birth of the child.

During the season finale of Keeping Up With the Kardashians that there was a chance that he and Blac Chyna would still be living apart. He explained to Khloe that he was not comfortable at Chyna’s house and she was not comfortable in his house. The couple had a lot of issues before the child, but as soon as Dream was born, things started getting better. According to the insider, Rob and Chyna have been living with their newborn in Chyna’s home.

Rob has also grown very fond of Dream and he likes spending time with her. Rob seems to be settling in and is willing to compromise on a few areas just so he can spend more time with Chyna and their child.

“Rob is super hands on with Dream. She’s changed his life. She makes him want to be better. And he’s spending a lot more time with his family,” claims a source familiar with the matter.

Rob Kardashian Blac Chyna
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Prior to moving in together, Khloe had expressed her disappointment in the fact that Rob and Chyna were living apart. She even pointed out that the baby would not fix the situation, meaning the couple would have to work things out. The Kardashian sister then stated that she hoped Rob would get a bit more motivated once a baby was involved, and that is exactly what happened when Baby Dream was born. The child has been a constant source of inspiration to her parents, especially Rob who cannot seem to get enough of her.

“He’s so in love with his daughter and has taken his daddy duties to the extreme. He does everything! Changes diapers. Bathes her. He’s up in the middle of the night when she’s crying. He even sings cute little songs to her to put her to sleep. Rob is such a natural dad. He was born to be a father,” the source reveals.

Rob Kardashian
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The source also stated that Rob Kardashian seems more content and happier, courtesy of baby Dream. Rob has also been posting social media photos and videos of his daughter and he seems happier now that he has a little one to care for. When Dream was born, Rob posted an Instagram photo of his newborn with a long heartfelt message in which he thanked Blac Chyna for having their baby. He was so excited about the child.

Rob and Chyna are yet to reveal the plans they have for their future. There have been heavy expectations of a wedding soon. However, there was also been rumors that the two might also part ways because they were in constant disagreements. But that was before baby Dream came into the picture. Rob has changed significantly since Dream was born. He has been determined to be the best that he can be. Khloe’s hopes seem to have become reality because Rob has been taking up more responsibility and has clearly been putting in a lot of effort.

A Kardashian source revealed that Rob wants to make things work with his new family. He wants to spend every day with Dream and is also determined to get along with Chyna. The two are having a great time experiencing parenthood together and Chyna also feels happy with Rob. They make a lovely couple, and hopefully Rob and Chyna will manage to keep their differences aside so that can raise their family and live together in peace.