NBA Rumors: Mario Chalmers Could Reunite With LeBron James, Sign With Cleveland Cavaliers By January

NBA rumors are pointing to former Miami Heat and Memphis Grizzlies player Mario Chalmers teaming up with LeBron James on the Cleveland Cavaliers this season, multiple reports have suggested.

The Plain Dealer — a Cleveland newspaper following the Cavaliers — recently reported that the team’s interest would be in trading for another point guard first. However, should that fall through, expect the Cleveland Cavaliers to pick up the phone and call Mario Chalmers, writer Joe Vardon opined.

“I think [the Cleveland Cavaliers] want to trade for one next month. But if they can’t, and if it appears in January that the right deal for a point guard they want will not materialize, and Chalmers is both healthy (he tore his Achilles last season) and available, then, yes, I could see a scenario where they sign him. But that scenario includes him accepting the league minimum or something close to it to play in Cleveland.”

The Associated Press agreed with The Plain Dealer‘s assessment of where Mario Chalmers will likely land. In an article reporting that Mario Chalmers will “look to sign with a title contender,” Mario Chalmers explained he could bring plenty to the table for the Cleveland Cavaliers after playing in four NBA Finals with the Miami Heat alongside LeBron James.

When Mario Chalmers was asked in mid-November when fans might see him on the court again, the former Kansas Jayhawk remarked that his targeted date to return was early December after he’s regained his basketball form. The 30-year-old has recovered fully from the March injury that caused him to miss the start to the 2016-2017 season, Mario Chalmers said.

“Right now, I can pretty much do everything. I’ve been on the court the last two, three months just working on getting back. I’m back to sprinting, running and jumping.”

But the Cleveland Cavaliers aren’t the only team potentially vying for Mario Chalmers this season. The Memphis Grizzlies — Mario Chalmers’ most-recent team — could be one of several NBA franchises in the mix for a veteran guard to back up Mike Conley, SB Nation reported.

While the Memphis Grizzlies have Andrew Harrison and Wade Baldwin backing up Mike Conley, neither player has much experience, especially in post-season play. In order to sign Mario Chalmers to the NBA franchise, the Memphis Grizzlies would have to free up a roster spot for the veteran player, the article explained.

“The Grizzlies would have to somehow part with another guaranteed contract to sign Chalmers, likely by either waiving a player (like the young Harrison, who while struggling a good bit so far this season clearly Head Coach David Fizdale sees value in) or in a 2-for-1 trade with someone with an open roster spot.”

While some NBA fans might scoff at the idea Mario Chalmers would sign with the Grizzlies instead of the Cleveland Cavaliers, Memphis does have some things going in their direction. A guaranteed role and coach familiarity could be enough to bring Mario Chalmers back to Memphis, the article contended.

“[H]is role in Memphis would be guaranteed, with plenty of opportunities for minutes to show how well his recovery has (or hasn’t) gone on his way to his next contract, whether it would be with the Grizzlies or not. Chalmers also has a great relationship with Fizdale from back in their Miami days- surely that could play a part in Chalmers’ decision.”

Other early-season NBA rumors have involved multiple teams and players in trade chatter, according to the Inquisitr. Like Mario Chalmers, Sacramento Kings forward Omri Casspi has been in contact with teams about potentially earning playing time for a contender, recent NBA rumors suggested. Fellow Sacramento Kings player DeMarcus Cousins could also be traded for the right package.

Due to a poor start to the season, several of the young and talented Minnesota Timberwolves have heard they could be available, the Inquisitr reported. Detroit Pistons’ athlete Stanley Johnson could join the NBA trade rumor mill with his sophomore slump while Philadelphia 76ers center Nerlens Noel joined this list nearly a year ago. Milwaukee Bucks big man Greg Monroe is also garnering attention as the player has seen his playing time reduced this season.

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