Jill Duggar Fans Are Convinced She’s Pregnant, They Don’t Want Her To Return To El Salvador

If Jill Duggar shares a photo on Instagram in which her entire body is visible, it’s almost always flooded with comments from fans who are convinced that she’s pregnant with her second child. Some of Jill’s Instagram followers are also thrilled that Jill looks so happy to be home in her social media pictures, and they’re begging her husband, Derick Dillard, not to force her to return to the mission field in El Salvador.

The latest social media photo causing pregnancy speculation was taken during the couple’s Thanksgiving with Derick’s family. Jill Duggar is wearing a baggy black-and-white striped shirt in the Instagram snapshot, and some of her followers swear that it’s a maternity top. As In Touch Weekly reports, fans are also buzzing about the size of Jill’s stomach.


“Definitely looks like a maternity top,” one fan commented.

“Is Jill pregnant? Her mid-section and clothes always make her look pregnant,” another wrote.

One commenter even claimed that Jill’s recent social media photos show evidence of a growing baby bump.

“Looks pregnant. Seems every pic I see she’s larger than the previous one,” the fan wrote.

According to SheKnows, many Duggar fans also think that Jill looks pregnant in a photo that was taken during her family’s Thanksgiving trip to the Ozark Mountains. Jill is wearing a slightly tighter shirt in that picture.

As the Hollywood Gossip points out, the Duggar women “literally view baby-making as the reason they were put on Earth,” so this is why Jill Duggar’s fans keep expecting her to announce that she’s pregnant with her second child.

Jill hasn’t replied to any of her fans’ persistent pregnancy questions, but Derick Dillard did share a pregnancy update on October 21. In response to a Twitter follower who asked if Jill is pregnant again, Derick wrote, “not yet.” This was just five weeks ago, so even if Jill got pregnant right after Derick responded to that tweet, her baby bump would currently be pretty difficult to see.


Some of Jill Duggar’s fans think that what others are seeing as a baby bump and a pregnancy glow is simply the result of Jill being back in the United States for an extended period of time. For the last few weeks, she’s been eating much differently than she did during her lengthy stay in El Salvador, and she’s been living in a less stressful environment.

“I don’t care if she is or isn’t,” one of Jill’s followers wrote in response to the pregnancy speculation.

“I just care that she is looking so much better since coming home and I hope her husband loves her enough to care for her and stay home for a good long while so she can recope [sic]. The stress of living down there had just about done her in.”

During the Counting On “After Show” special, Jill Duggar talked about how difficult it was for her to adjust to life on the mission field in El Salvador, where she lived in constant fear of something terrible happening. She began crying as she recounted the night she and Derick thought someone had broken into their home. Jill and Israel hid in the bathroom after hearing a loud crash, but Derick discovered that the noise had been caused by a falling shower rod.

Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard have said that they may not return to El Salvador if Jill gets pregnant. And if they decide not to go back to the mission field, they already have a place to stay — Jana Duggar redecorated the Duggar family’s massive two-story guest house just for them.

If Jill Duggar is desperate to stay in Arkansas and isn’t pregnant yet, she may be running out of time to get a positive pregnancy test result. As the Duggar Family Blog reports, the Duggars take an annual Christmas mission trip to El Salvador, and this may be when Derick and Jill plan on returning to the mission field. This year’s trip begins on December 10.

[Featured Image by Duggar Family/Facebook]