Netflix Claims It Has Over 30 Million Subscribers Worldwide

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings recently announced that the company now has over 30 million subscribers around the world, according to Deadline. Of those 30 million subscribers, nearly 25 million reside in the United States. While its customer growth may not have met expectations, Hastings is seemingly quite proud of the company’s achievement.

“We own it in terms of a bad forecast,” Hastings explained. “But in terms of actual performance of the business, to grow 5 million net adds domestic is substantial and we feel good about that and about the growth next year.”

The Netflix CEO seems to be in the midst of putting a positive spin on a negative situation. Although the company may boast over 30 million subscribers, investors saw the failure to meet customer growth forecasts to be a potentially bad sign.

However, Reed Hastings wants his customers to know that his company is here to stay. In order to thank subscribers for their loyalty, the CEO took to Facebook to express his feelings.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you,” Hastings wrote. “Thirty million of you are now Netflix streaming members. I’d like to express my gratitude to each of you. Your choice to be a Netflix member helps us get more content every year, and helps us further improve our member experience. You make it possible for us to offer the most amazing internet television experience ever. Thank you, again.”

According to TechCrunch, the number of Netflix subscribers has jumped a bit from the figure released just a few days ago. During Tuesday’s Q3 earning’s conference call, Hastings revealed the company had 25.1 million subscribes in the US and 4.3 million abroad.

While subscriber growth may not be rising as quickly as the company would like, Netflix could see a sudden influx of customers when the fourth season of Arrested Development debuts on its streaming service sometime next year.

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