Rape Agony -- Teen Virgin Plied With Alcohol And Raped By Unnamed 'Superstar'

Police are investigating the claims of a woman who says she was raped by an unnamed "superstar" when she was just 14-years-old.

The woman met with detectives last week and police have launched a probe into the incident.

"The woman, who was a teenager at the time of the attack in the 1970s, was plucked from the crowd at the singer's concert and invited back to his hotel by his security."
The Sun reports that the accused is a "British pop legend."

Police investigate British pop superstar rape allegation
A rape investigation involving an unnamed British superstar has been opened. [Image by Brian A Jackson/Shutterstock]

The woman alleges that she was attending a concert by the singer in the 1970s when she was plucked from the front row by one of his bodyguards.

The woman was taken to the man's hotel suite, where he "plied her with champagne and attacked her."

"It affected my entire life."
The woman says she was a "naive 14-year-old virgin" when the alleged incident occurred.

She claims that the man pinned her to the bed. She was so confused she even thought she may have hurt him, according to the report.

"I was very young, I had never been with a guy, never French-kissed. I couldn't understand the grimace on his face when he was probably climaxing. I hit a moment of confused panic because I thought I had done something wrong."
The then-teenager and her friends had been given tickets to the concert. A bodyguard spotted them giggling near the stage and invited them to the hotel the next day.
"The girls, aged 13 and 14, went along hoping to meet the star and get his autograph. But an aide separated her from her pals and took her to a suite."
The woman claims that a comedian, a female pal and a backing singer were present in the hotel room when she arrived. The pop star himself soon appeared wearing a short white robe.

He led her to the balcony and posed for photos with her, putting his arm around her waist. The woman has produced the photos as evidence in the new investigation.

She describes how he gave her champagne and began flirting with her.

"He offered me Dom Perignon Champagne. I didn't know what it was at the time. It looked like soda. You just feel you have to be with the crowd so I took a sip and thought it was the most vile tasting thing I'd ever had. All I wanted to do was get it down in one gulp then get it out of the way. That is what I did, not realising I was now drinking alcohol for the first time. Then he gave me another glass and was telling me how lovely I was... and you have beautiful eyes... I really like you... and he carried on with this flirtatiousness."
She alleges that he then pinned her down and assaulted her, encouraging her to relax because that would make it hurt less.

The woman claims, "Before I knew it, it was like an immobility had set in there and then. He had me down on the bed in one fell swoop. His gown was off. I was wearing a jumpsuit. He zipped it down and what had started as ­affectionate and safe, almost, was suddenly becoming painful and forceful, not comfortable. I was confused and couldn't understand where the pain was coming from. It was just beyond me. I was very numb and found that I could not move. All I heard repetitively as he was pinning me down was, 'relax, relax.' 'It won't hurt if you relax'. Those words have just stuck with me over the years."

The woman says that she was had great difficulty processing the experience, unsure if it was a positive or negative one.

"I never understood at the time what he was trying to say. I was very naive. I thought I had hurt him and was so frightened."
She described how her mother ordered her to wash herself when she got home, saying, "if your father finds out he'll kill you."

champagne superstar rape
The woman claims he plied her with champagne. [Image Brian A Jackson/iStock by Getty Images]

There was also a moment when the then-teenager went back to the star's hotel room. She says that after the alleged rape she went to the exit and remembered she did not get his autograph, so she went back to his room.

"She fled to the exit but told how she inexplicably went back to the suite — because she had forgotten to get his autograph."
The superstar cupped her face affectionately and told her he would get in touch, says the woman, who is now in her fifties.

She claims that she had bruises all over her body in the aftermath of the attack.

A spokesperson for the prosecution service has confirmed that a full investigation is taking place. "We can confirm that charges were registered in respect of events which are alleged to have occurred in the 1970s. The case has been referred to police with a request for further investigation. This is with a view to enabling us to make a decision regarding prosecution. The docket will be further considered upon its return from the police."

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