Stephen Colbert Counters Donald Trump Announcement With Offer Of His Own

Stephen Colbert, who does the funniest Donald Trump impression on late night TV, took a jab at the reality TV mogul’s Obama publicity stunt yesterday with a counter-offer of his own that is not likely to amuse the prickly New York businessman.

Stephen Colbert’s Donald Trump announcement was definitely a late-night-only moment, given the language used and the nature of the counter-challenge presented — but dang, it was also freaking hilarious.

While Daily Show host Jon Stewart opted to deny both Trump and Sarah Palin any publicity for their media stunts Wednesday — Trump for his $5 million charity offer in exchange for more info on Obama and Palin for using the racially charged term “shuck and jive” to criticize the President — Colbert went full antagonist on The Donald, mocking his tone and his relentless zeal for pointing out that President Obama is indeed not white.

On last night’s Colbert Report, Stephen made the following offer to Trump after the mogul’s YouTube video demanding Obama’s college transcripts and passport application — warning, the language is definitely coarse:

“Nation, I am so moved by this generous offer, that I’d like to make an offer of my own. Mr Trump, I will write you a check for $1 million dollars from Colbert Super PAC — you know I’ve got it — to the charity of your choice … Save The Children. Feed The Children. Put The Children on Child Apprentice, whatever … One million actual dollars, if you will let me dip my balls in your mouth. One million.”

Colbert continued addressing Trump and referencing the earlier publicity hoax, adding:

“But…this dipping — and I hope you’re listening very carefully Mr Trump — this dipping has to be to my and more importantly, my balls’ satisfaction. One caveat … My balls must be in your mouth no later than 5pm October 31st.”

Watch the clip below.