‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Are Sonny And Carly Over For Good?

The latest General Hospital spoilers are here, and just because it’s the holiday season doesn’t mean every single couple will get through the merry time unscathed. One of the biggest questions that came out of the latest episode of the soap is if Sonny and Carly’s relationship is in trouble. While Sonny and Carly have slowly been moving away from each other, there’re a few big game-changers that might lead to the couple splitting for good.

The latest news via Celeb Dirty Laundry stated that Sonny has a whole lot of drama on his plate in the coming episodes. As we know, in a previous episode of General Hospital, Carly was in great conflict over her marriage to Sonny, and there was a flash that suggested she did miss Sonny during Thanksgiving, but it looks like the damage is done on both sides.

General Hospital spoilers cited that Carly will finally come clean to Sonny about kissing her ex-husband Jax. The thing to note here is that Jax did try to stop the kiss, but Carly, who was sad and lonely at the time, continued. Many believe that she has regrets seeking comfort in Jax. Of course, fans know that Carly and Jax were pushed together by their daughter Josslyn, but some wonder if there’s more left unsaid between the exes.

When Carly admits that there was a kiss, this is the least of Sonny’s worries, as he’s racked with his own guilt. Nelle was the first to tell Sonny that Carly and Jax kissed, so naturally that gave him incentive to spiral, which resulted in Sonny waking up in his bed with Nelle at his side, after drinking like a fish. Sonny knows that his “night of passion” with Nelle might come out if he’s not too careful.

What’s in this for Nelle? Well, General Hospital spoilers stated that she has a lot of unresolved issues. Nelle’s kidney was taken away from her without her say, and now she’s out for the long con when it comes to the lives of the Corinthos, especially because there’s a lot of wealth to be had there.

Since her arrival to Port Charles, she’s managed to work her way into the good graces of the Corinthos family, but she’s very destructive when it comes to every tie within the family. Carly’s kiss isn’t the only thing that might weigh on Sonny’s mind. According to the Inquisitr, Sonny might have his own ex to deal with soon.

General Hospital spoilers suggested that the one and only Brenda Barrett might come back to General Hospital to shake a few things up. Fans know that when it comes to actress Vanessa Marcil, it doesn’t seem like she’s ever very too far from the set. For years, Brenda and Sonny were the hottest couple on the soap, but then Marcil exited the show. However, the actress has made plenty of recurring appearances so that Sonny and Brenda’s drama can continue.

If Brenda returns to Port Charles, this might be perfect timing, as it looks like Sonny and Carly might head for a divorce, if Carly’s daughter Josslyn gets her way. Plus, there’s some major speculation going on that there’s a major chance Carly will reignite her flame with Jax for good, and might even run away with him, so if Brenda turns up this might add more fuel to that particular fire.

Now that Sonny is spiraling, is Brenda the only one that can save him from himself? Do you think Carly and Sonny are over for good or is this just a lapse in judgment on both of their parts?

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