Corinne Olympios Reveals What She Really Thinks Of Nick Viall, Vanessa Grimaldi, Plus Shares 'BIP' Plans

Corinne Olympios was by far the most talked about contestant on Nick Viall's season of The Bachelor. On the show, Corinne was determined to make things work with Nick, but in the end Viall sent her home after meeting her family on hometown dates. Since the show ended, things have been going pretty well for Olympios and now Corinne is speaking out about what she really thinks of Nick Viall and Vanessa Grimaldi's relationship. Corinne is also talking about whether or not fans will see her this summer on Bachelor in Paradise.

What does Corinne really think of Nick and Vanessa? Entertainment Tonight shared Corinne's thoughts on the couple and they are not what you'd think. Separately, Corinne thinks Nick and Vanessa are very real people, but together not so much. Olympios said, "They're so phony with each other. It sucks, because they're both really real people separately, but whenever they were together looking at them…I mean I lived with Vanessa and dated Nick, that's not how either one of them really are. So I'm like, 'What are you guys doing?'"

While Corinne may not feel like Nick and Vanessa are being authentic in public, Viall and Grimaldi are putting their love out there for the world to see in full force. Aside from many social media posts of the two together, Nick took a shirtless opportunity during his last performance on Dancing With the Stars to show the audience a steamy moment with Vanessa. Viall swooped her up onto stage and the two shared a passionate kiss to end his performance. Time will tell if Nick and Vanessa can work through the hard parts of their new relationship in the real world.

As for Corinne, her time in the spotlight is not dwindling away as many of the other contestants from Nick's season have. Corinne has come out with her own clothing line supporting "Team Corn." She is currently working on expanding the line to include swim wear. Olympios has also reportedly filmed an episode for Rachel Lindsay's season of The Bachelorette. While Corinne didn't connect very much with many of the women during Nick's season, Olympios and Lindsay always seemed to have a decent friendship through the drama.

Corinne speaks highly of Rachel and hopes that fans will support Lindsay on her journey as The Bachelorette. When asked her thoughts on Rachel being the first African American Bachelorette, Corrine says she hopes people will not let that be a factor. Olympios said, "God, I hope [the show will get good ratings]. It would be such a shame if people didn't watch because of her race. Of course [Lindsay is] nervous. It's only natural that she'd be nervous -- I would be nervous. But she's just so endearing and bubbly and inviting that I don't think people will pay attention to it."

In recent weeks it also looks like Rachel isn't the only woman having fun with love, Corinne has reportedly been seeing a man she has known for a long time. E! News shared details about Corinne's new relationship. Olympios said, "I'm not ready to come out to the world about him yet. It's still in the early stages. I don't know what's going to happen but we're vibing really nicely and everything's going well and I just want it to stay that way."

While Corinne says her new relationship is going well, Olympios is also saying that fans will probably be seeing her this summer on Bachelor in Paradise. Corinne said, "I mean, I'm still not sure yet. Most likely, yes. So not 100 percent locked in yet." Many fans are hoping to see Corinne and Bachelor bad boy Chad Johnson hook up in Paradise. The question now is, if Corinne has a great new relationship then why would she want to head to Bachelor in Paradise?

Everyone will have stay tuned for the official Bachelor in Paradise cast list to be revealed. Will Olympios be on the list? Do you hope to see Corinne causing some drama in Paradise? The new season will begin filming this summer and premiere August 8 on ABC.

[Featured Image by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images]