Minecraft Is Currently The Most Played Game On Xbox LIVE

Minecraft is the most popular game on Xbox LIVE for the week ending October 15, according to the Examiner. What’s even more impressive is that the extremely popular and incredibly addictive sandbox title is the also first LIVE Arcade game to sit atop the activity charts.

Fans of Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition thoroughly understand why the game is currently the most popular title on LIVE. Players can literally spend hundreds of hours exploring, building, and fighting their way through a never-ending supply of monster-filled landscapes. For those of us who grew up wishing they had an endless supply of building blocks to play with, the game fulfills countless childhood dreams.

Hanging out in second place is Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, a series which usually enjoys sitting at the top of the Xbox LIVE activity list. FIFA 13, meanwhile, takes the third place, while Call of Duty: Black Ops lands in fourth. The action-RPG Borderlands 2 rounds out the top five.

The recent “Adventure Update” for Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition may have helped push the title into the top spot. The patch adds a number of additional features into the game including new monsters, abandoned villages, and underground strongholds. For those who have already sunk a considerable amount of time into the game, the latest update means that even more hours of their life are about to be consumed.

As In Entertainment points out, the indie game might not be able to hold onto its title once games like Halo 4 and Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 are released. While its doubtful that everyone who plays Minecraft also spends their free time playing AAA FPS titles, it’s likely many players will jump ship to at least try the latest additions to these very popular franchises.

If you currently live and breathe Minecraft, chances are you’re thrilled about the Halloween skin pack that’s scheduled for release on October 26. For just 160 points, gamers can own 55 skins from 13 different developers. Your virtual home is about to get a little spookier.

Do you play Minecraft on Xbox LIVE?