Trump Allegedly Furious At Kellyanne Conway’s Public Bashing Of Romney And Open Support Of Giuliani

President-elect Trump is furious with Kellyanne Conway’s public campaign against Mitt Romney as he considers him as secretary of state, CNN is reporting.

The 70-year-old Manhattan billionaire was said to be “irritated” that his transition aide had gone “rogue” and was publicly conflicting his choice of Mitt Romney as a possible pick for the nation’s top job.

Former campaign manager Conway appeared on a slew of talk shows to question why President-elect Trump was even considering Romney for the post ahead of loyalists like Rudy Giuliani.

On CNN’s State of the Union, the 49-year-old aide revealed that Trump supporters “felt betrayed” and speculated if Romney had what it took to do the job, “wondering if he’d been around the globe doing something on behalf of the United States of which we’re aware.”

The mother-of-two continued the attacks on Sunday, saying that Romney’s criticism of the president-elect during the presidential primaries did not warrant him the position. She also mentioned the messages she was getting from Trump supporters across the country.

“It’s just breathtaking in scope and intensity the type of messages I have received from all over the country. The number of people who feel betrayed to think that Governor Romney would get the most prominent cabinet post… there was the Never Trump movement, and then there was Mitt Romney… I felt compelled to come forward on behalf of the people who were weighing in.”

According to MSNBC’s Morning Joe, the hosts revealed that they had spoken to two transition aides in the Trump camp who believed that Conway was pushing her own agenda by publicly contradicting the president-elect.

During the show, Kellyanne texted, calling the comments sexist and that she could have any job she wanted inside or outside the campaign. She debunked claims that her boss was angry, adding that Mr. Trump understood her views and concerns hinged on the importance of loyalty to the president-elect.

In March, Romney, a former governor of Massachusetts, called Trump “a con man,” “a fake,” a phony,” and “a fraud.” Trump had lashed back, calling the 2012 Republican nominee “a choker” who “walks like a penguin.” The fight between Trump and Romney was nasty and personal.

When the pair met to discuss Romney for the esteemed position of secretary of state, it stunned everyone. Since the meeting, pro-Trump politicians have come out to clobber the 69-year-old politician, including former House Speaker Newt Gingrich and former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee.

However, Romney’s harshest critic has been New York Congressman Chris Collins, who called the 70th governor of Massachusetts a self-centered person who still walked around with a chip on his shoulder, thinking he should be president and not Trump. Collins said it was risky to make Romney secretary of state because he would not listen to the president-elect.

“What do I know of Mitt Romney? I know that he is a self-serving egomaniac who puts himself first, who has a chip on his shoulder, who thinks he should be president of the United States. My concern is Mitt Romney is a bit of a lone wolf and might not take the advice or the direction of President-elect Trump.”

A source acknowledged that the incoming chief of staff in Trump’s administration, Reince Priebus, was also not impressed with Conway. The source said an alleged feud was brewing between the pair, with Priebus preferring Romney to the position and not former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani.

The White House chief of staff refused to be drawn into the controversy, adding that there were other contenders for the post besides Romney and Giuliani. The alternative options include Tennessee Senator Bob Corker and retired Marine Corps General John Kelly. Priebus also mentioned former CIA director David Petraeus as a third option.

In 2015, Petraeus got a two-year probationary sentence after it came to light that he provided classified information to his biographer during a sexual affair. A former four-star general and decorated war veteran, Petraeus reached an agreement with prosecutors and pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of manhandling classified information.

At a point, it seemed like the secretary of state position was Giuliani’s as long as he wanted it. However, concerns over Giuliani surfaced when his firm was discovered to have had contact with Qatar and Venezuelan exiles. It also came to light that the lawyer and public speaker had given a speech at the behest of an Iranian group on the State’s Department list of foreign terrorist organizations in 2012.

At 72, Rudy Giuliani’s critics also believe that he does not have the energy for the job that would see him traveling the world at a moment’s notice. A source said that Romney looked to be the preferable pick, as President-elect Donald Trump was looking to make Giuliani the director of national intelligence.

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