‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers: Brooke Makes A Decision Between Ridge And Bill, Nicole Confronts Sasha, And Quinn Rattles Steffy [Updated]

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for the week of November 28 share that the battle between Ridge and Bill over Brooke continues and there is more fallout from the troubles between Nicole and Zende. Sasha will be popping back into the mix of things and teasers note that Liam and Steffy will be looking toward the future. Quinn will shake things up a bit and difficult decisions are going to be made as the next few episodes play out.

Bill wants Brooke to elope with him and tell Ridge to buzz off, but Bold and Beautiful spoilers from SheKnows Soaps note that things will not end up being quite that simple. Brooke will spend time with both Bill and Ridge in the coming days and both men will be fighting fiercely to win her over. Bill has made elaborate elopement plans, assuming that he is going to win out, but Ridge has lured Brooke away and he will bring out a memento of some sort that he thinks will propel him ahead in this battle.

Soap Central notes that RJ has gotten involved in all of this, working with Ridge to convince Brooke to dump Bill. RJ had started to come around on having Bill as a stepfather, but ultimately, he would prefer to see his mother and father together again. The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers reveal that Brooke will finally make a decision during Friday’s episode and viewers will be curious to see which man she chooses. Will she soon be tying the knot or could she choose to stay alone for now?

Zende has been doing everything he can think of to convince Nicole that he is sincere about wanting to spend his life with her despite his drunken dalliance with Sasha. He told Nicole that he wants to marry her and he has a ring, but she is not about to let him off that easily. She told him that she could never fully trust him or marry him after his being with Sasha again and things got quite emotional during their discussion.


Nicole will soon confront Sasha over all of this as well, and Bold and Beautiful spoilers detail that this will be an intense conversation. While Nicole is quite upset with Zende, it seems that Sasha may end up taking the brunt of her sister’s feelings of betrayal and hurt. After this interaction, Sasha will reach out to Zende and try to convince him to choose her over her sister.

Steffy and Liam have happily reunited at last, and Bold and Beautiful spoilers detail that they will start talking about plans for the future. She has gotten rid of her tattoo wedding ring from her union with Wyatt and moved back into the house with Liam, and it sounds as if they’ll already be looking toward next steps. However, Quinn will rattle her estranged daughter-in-law in some way when she tosses out some sort of scenario regarding Steffy’s future.

Will Steffy and Liam stay united and get married again? There had been teasers floating around that there would be an ultimatum of some sort emerge and that Steffy would end up reuniting with Wyatt. However, nothing of that nature seems to be on the horizon at the moment. That said, it seems likely that some sort of obstacle will pop up soon for the reunited lovebirds.

Is there any possibility that Zende can convince Nicole to forgive him or will he turn to Sasha out of heartbreak once again? Will Brooke choose Bill or Ridge? What comes next for Steffy and Liam, and can Quinn really stay out of their lives or is she about to muck things up again? The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers hint at shockers on the way and fans cannot wait to see where things head next.


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