10 Tips To Study For Exams

Exams have always been a nightmare for many students, irrespective of their age. It is fair to say the anticipation of finals, or any exam in general, always fills your mind with fear and makes you awfully nervous. However, few suggestions mentioned below have proven to be extremely useful, which can help you crack your tests.

1. Don’t Leave It Too Late

One special mantra to ace your exams is to never to leave it too late. No matter how hard you study just before the exam day, you definitely won’t be able to acquire the best marks according to your potential. The key is to balance your study day by day, and little by little, so when the big day finally arrives, you will be mentally prepared to face the exam. In order to achieve good marks, you must make a habit of daily studying.

2. Pick A suitable Place And Time

Researches have shown that quieter place are more beneficial for concentration and effective studying. So, you need to pick up a place where there isn’t any hint of disturbance. Everyone has a time of a day, where they seem to study better. Choose yours and start immediately going through your books.

3. Organize Your Study

One mistake that most students make while studying for exams is they go through their books randomly without proper planning. For an effective studying, though, certain things like syllabus, and important topics needs to be pre-planned. First of all, the topics carrying greater marks in the exams should be thoroughly studied so that you can attempt most of the questions in case you fail to cover all of your chapters.

4. Discover your learning style

Most of us have a specific way of learning. Get to know your learning style in the way you learn best. If listening to audio notes or looking at visual diagrams and charts makes you grab the points faster, then you need to study accordingly. Some people take online quiz in order to remember the key points for exams. Find whatever your learning style is and do it.

5. Clear Distractions

Focus is very vital when it comes to a better learning. Distractions like TV, mobile, iPod, and many more, will get in your way and can take your mind off studies. Gadgets, knowingly or not, will kill your precious time during exams. Hence, you must turn off your TV, mobile, or anything that distracts, out of your study room in time of your studying.

6. Practice Old Papers

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This is the best known tip for any students who are struggling their way through tough exams. Past questions and papers will provide you with a general idea about what to expect in your coming exam. The more you work with the old papers, the more you will feel equipped for the coming one.

7. Take Regular Breaks

While most of the students believe it’s better to study as many hours as possible during exams, the truth is your brain also needs proper amount of rest to retain the ideas you have just studied. Your mind gets tired due to continuous accumulation of knowledge, thus regular breaks help to retain their proficiency again.

8. Drink Lots of Liquid and Eat Healthy Food

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It might sound quite illogical while addressing the fact that water and food can amplify your study’s efficiency. However, it’s every inch true that drinking fresh water and consuming fruits contribute in getting you good marks. Studies have shown junk foods tends to alter the energy and focus of a person while studying. Also, drinking fresh water will revitalize your brain and keep its fresh during stressful hours of reading.

9. Revise

Revision is the best technique to remember tiny details you need for your exams. To feel more confident, you can quiz yourself and practice again in scratch papers.

10. Keep Yourself Motivated

Gigantic books and huge piles of notes obviously will scare you during exams. But, you need to stay positive and motivated in those hard times. Remember your goals and dreams while you are feeling discouraged. Only a positive and happy mind will assist you in taking your exam successfully.

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