The Power Surge Ride At Rainbow’s End Amusement Park In Aukland, New Zealand ‘Malfunctions,’ One Of Many Amusement Park Malfunctions This Year

The Power Surge ride at Rainbow’s End Amusement Park in Auckland, New Zealand has allegedly malfunctioned, leaving multiple people, including children, hanging from the ride, Stuff National reports.

It is no doubt that amusement ride malfunctions have been the center of attention this past year. Unfortunately, the year is still not over, and the reports of amusement park accidents are still making headlines.

Witnesses told reporters that many people were left hanging upside-down after The Power Surge malfunctioned. However, according to Rainbows End chief executive Chris Deere, the ride was simply, “stopped” due to a rider, or riders, spitting.

Students from the St. Peter’s College were among those on the ride when it was manually stopped. According to Deere, nobody was at risk when the ride was stopped, and it was manually stopped by the operator.

Unfortunately, not every amusement park “malfunction” has such wonderful endings. This year, there were a number of amusement park accidents, some that caused major injuries and even deaths.

One deadly amusement park accident occurred in Australia at Dreamworld in October, according to CNN. Four people died and two children survived after a ride malfunctioned. The family was riding the “Flume” when it malfunctioned. The two children were able to extricate themselves by what Brian Codd, Assistant Commissioner for Southeast Region of Queensland Police Service, described as “almost a miracle.”

Another amusement park ride accident occurred in western Pennsylvania when a young boy fell out of a roller coaster at IdleWild and Soakzone. Not much on the outcome of this accident was reported, but IB Times revealed that he had to be airlifted to Children’s Hospital in Pittsburgh.

We can’t forget the tragic death of a 10-year-old boy, who died on a giant water slide at an amusement park in Kansas last August, USA Today reports. Caleb Schwab died of a neck injury after he rode the world’s largest water slide, the “Verrückt.”

Do you remember the three girls from Tennessee, who fell out of a Ferris wheel during a county fair? Briley and Kayla Reynolds, ages six and 10, as well as a 16-year-old, who’s name was not released, fell nearly 40 feet from a Ferris wheel, USA Today reports. All three girls were transported to Niswonger Children’s Hospital.

The outcomes of this tragedy have not been made public; however, a GoFundMe Page has been set up by the Reynolds family to help with medical costs for Briley and Kayla.

Another terrible accident that USA Today has reported was when a girl had her scalp ripped off after a ride malfunctioned at a festival in Nebraska. According to the report, the girl’s hair was ripped off after it became caught in one of the carnival rides.

The girl’s father told reporters that his daughter was yanked around for nearly 10 minutes before they were able to get the ride to stop.

“I stood up and … was like yelling … ‘Stop the ride! Stop the freaking ride!'”

Nearby surveillance saw the ride operator running from the scene, but it was unclear if perhaps maybe he was running to find help. A mother, Jolene Cisneros, who was fortunately on the scene and noticed the girl’s father screaming for help, was able to stop the ride.

“I was like, you’re going to be OK and she’s just like, ‘Where’s my pretty hair?'”

The girl was expected to survive, but the extent of her injuries were quite substantial. Her father told reporters that they are unsure whether or not she will ever regain her muscles in that area, or whether or not she will ever see again.

After the accident, many were very angry that the carnival was still up and running. Billie Bankus stood outside the Cinco de Mayo festival holding a sign and warning people of the dangers inside those gates.

“I can’t believe the place is still open.”

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