‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Sonny And Carly Reconnect In The Midst Of Nelle’s Schemes And Valentin Manipulates Nina As The Search For Claudette Continues [Updated]

General Hospital spoilers for the remaining episodes of the week of November 28 tease that things will remain quite intense. Alexis ran over Julian with her car and Nelle drugged Sonny and made it look as if they slept together while Carly and Jax got close and realized that they needed to back away from a romantic reunion. Elizabeth’s rapist, Tom, is free now, but Franco is aiming to take him down and Valentin has some tricks up his sleeve as others dig into his background and work on finding Claudette. Where are things headed during the next few episodes?

As viewers saw, Julian confronted Alexis after she had been drinking and the argument led to her accidentally running him over. Julian is seemingly going to recover, but he initially indicated that he doesn’t remember what happened. General Hospital spoilers from Soap Central indicate that Alexis’ drinking will be out of control as she spirals toward her rock bottom.

Jax pushed for Alexis to go to rehab, but she asked for one night to tell her girls. Julian awoke and indicated that he didn’t remember what happened, but then he called Alexis and asked her to come visit, noting that it’s the least she could do. Will it turn out that Julian remembers exactly what happened, but he will pressure his estranged wife to do something for him in exchange for him covering for her in regards to the accident?

Carly and Jax realized that they needed to put a stop to the frisky business that they were starting down the path toward with one another, but Nelle overheard Jax and Carly talking about their situation and she raced off to use this to manipulate Sonny. Viewers saw that she drugged Sonny’s drink and then set up a scenario that led him to think that they slept together and he was stunned and confused as he awoke and tried to sort it all out.

General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps reveal that Nelle apparently will feel somewhat guilty for these antics, but she has a larger plan she’s working on and everybody will be quite curious to see what her motives are here. In the midst of all of this, Carly will open up to Sonny about what has been happening on her end. Will she learn about this supposed interlude between her estranged husband and newfound supposed friend?

Franco is going to continue to go after Tom, Elizabeth’s rapist, despite her concerns. In addition, Franco will visit Heather during the coming week, and it seems likely that these shenanigans of his will ultimately cause issues in his relationship with Elizabeth. Tom is currently at General Hospital and spoilers note that Franco will find Elizabeth and give her a heads-up about this. Just how ugly will things get in this scenario?


Dillon is determined to help Kiki start feeling better and General Hospital spoilers note that there is more between these two on the way with Wednesday’s show. Viewers watched as Valentin gained custody of Charlotte, and he will be using the little girl to make inroads with Nina.

This continuing connection between Valentin and Nina will leave Nathan and Maxie quite concerned, and General Hospital spoilers share that Griffin and Anna will throw their energy toward finding out what happened to Claudette. There is more friction set to play out between Anna and Valentin, and she will move ahead in her investigation of him.

Viewers will see Griffin opening up to Elizabeth, and teasers note that he will have to break up an altercation of some sort. Laura will be telling Kevin that she is ready to take things to the next level, and General Hospital spoilers detail that he will be feeling a bit surprised by this. In addition, Ava will look to use Morgan’s death in a way that benefits her, seemingly in a new battle over Avery.


Jason and Sam have decided to work on coordinating efforts with Curtis in their investigation into the car bombing. The two men have compared notes and soon uncover something stunning, and Sam is having some reservations about relying on Curtis. At the end of the week, Alexis will be struggling as her latest antics set the stage for consequences.

Will Valentin manage to lure in Nina, and what is his connection to Anna? How far will Franco go when it comes to Tom, and how will it impact his romance with Elizabeth? What is Nelle hiding, and will Alexis be hitting rock bottom with this accident with Julian? General Hospital spoilers tease that this will be a wild week of action, and fans will not want to miss where things head next.

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