WWE News: Bullet Club Member Presents Interesting Offer To Main Event Talent On ‘Monday Night Raw’

One of the greatest things missing from the Monday Night Wars of many years ago is the battle for free agents in the wrestling business. WCW and WWE competing for superstars and not knowing who would show up where on Monday night was always so much fun. There isn’t much of that anymore, but Cesaro has recently brought about some attention for his talent and even the Bullet Club is trying to pry him from Monday Night Raw.

As reported recently by WrestleZone, Cesaro was not overly thrilled by a poster released by WWE for an event in May of next year. The poster features a number of Monday Night Raw superstars for an event in Switzerland, but not the “Swiss Superman” himself.

Once Cesaro revealed his displeasure with Raw, there was someone waiting to pick up the pieces in SmackDown LIVE general manager Daniel Bryan. This was after Bryan had confirmed that both Cesaro and Sami Zayn recently spoke to him on Raw and said they wanted to jump from Mondays to Tuesdays.

Now, it isn’t just some insider WWE trading discussion fun going on, but Cesaro is getting offers from the other side of the world.

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Wrestling Inc. noticed that Kenny Omega of New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW) decided to hop on Twitter and offer up his sympathies for Cesaro. Well, he did a bit more than that and actually presented a very interesting offer to the former United States and WWE Tag Team Champion.

All wrestling fans know that unless you’re heading to the concession stand and buying one, it isn’t easy to receive, or better yet, earn a Bullet Club T-shirt. A lot needs to go down for one to be considered a member of the honored stable, and here, Cesaro is being offered a spot.

Now, the possibility of Cesaro heading to NJPW and actually joining the Bullet Club is very small unless his legit contract is going to be up soon and he doesn’t want to re-sign with WWE. Sports Keeda reported back in September that his contract with the company was likely to be up soon, but little has been said since then.

Ever since being drafted to Monday Night Raw, Cesaro has fallen out of limbo and had a good series of matches before being placed in a tag team with the Celtic Warrior. Since then, they have had some shots at the Raw Tag Team Titles and were even the last men standing in their Survivor Series match.

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Cesaro has competed for the World Heavyweight Title in the past and been involved in a number of main event feuds. He’s a key player on the overall roster for the whole company.

In the past year, NJPW has lost a number of stars to WWE, and the Bullet Club has lost some key members. AJ Styles made his company debut at the Royal Rumble back in January. In April, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson also made their debuts, which meant the Bullet Club was short a number of big names.

Now, it isn’t as if Triple H raided NJPW’s roster or anything. The contracts of those three superstars from the Bullet Club were about to be up and Vince McMahon made some offers. Maybe there is a touch of bitterness or maybe Kenny Omega would simply love having a tough guy like Cesaro in the Bullet Club.

Cesaro is not likely going to be leaving WWE anytime soon, but he could very well end up jumping ship from Monday Night Raw to SmackDown LIVE. Well, that is if Daniel Bryan has anything to say about it. It’s just fun to think about the idea of Cesaro heading to New Japan Pro Wrestling and becoming a member of the Bullet Club. Of course, that is if Kenny Omega had his way, but it would take a lot more work than a storyline “contract” to run out.

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