WWE News: Daniel Bryan Once Again Trying To Get Member Of ‘Monday Night Raw’ To Join ‘SmackDown LIVE’

Ever since Daniel Bryan became the General Manager of SmackDown LIVE, he has been shopping for new talent and campaigning to get others to join the roster. He’s still hoping that Shelton Benjamin heals up for his return and he’s even talked to some guys from Monday Night Raw about making the jump. As one member of Raw has publicly complained about his stance with the brand, Bryan is jumping on the opportunity to lure him to SmackDown LIVE.

WWE released a promotional poster for a live event in Switzerland that is set to take place in late spring of next year. The poster includes a number of key names from the Monday Night Raw roster including current WWE Universal Champion Kevin Owens, United States Champion Roman Reigns, and Raw Tag Team Champions The New Day.

As pointed out by WrestleZone, one of the most popular superstars realized he isn’t on the poster for the WWE Live Event and he’s a bit offended. Cesaro is offended because he is not featured on artwork in his home country of Switzerland.

Making matters a bit worse is that Cesaro’s tag team partner Sheamus made it onto the poster without him. Of course, Sheamus had to take this opportunity to make a jab at the Swiss Superman.

Of course, Sheamus wasn’t the only person to notice his partner’s displeasure with the poster from WWE. Wrestling Inc. realized that SmackDown LIVE General Manager Daniel Bryan was also on Twitter on Thursday and decided to do some campaigning.

Since WWE went ahead with the brand extension and the superstar draft, there really has not been any movement between the two shows. Jack Swagger’s contract with Monday Night Raw “ran out” and he signed a new one with SmackDown LIVE, but that has been about it.

As recently reported by Inquisitr, Daniel Bryan recently confirmed that Cesaro and Sami Zayn, two Raw superstars, both told him they want to leave Monday nights. Right before Survivor Series, Bryan said they came up to him backstage and said they were hoping to move to SmackDown LIVE.

Zayn went on to battle The Miz for the Intercontinental Title at Survivor Series and came up short in that pursuit. The Swiss James Bond was part of a huge tag team elimination match and was a survivor with Sheamus. The next night on Raw, they had a tag title shot but also came up short against The New Day.

That episode of Raw is where the backstage meetings with Bryan took place. Sure, that may have been all talk but it could also end up leading to an interesting storyline down the road.

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By the time the Switzerland event takes place in May of 2017, it will be close to the one-year anniversary of the most recent WWE superstar draft. WWE hasn’t exactly said so yet, but it’s possible that the draft could be a yearly thing with talent switching brands every summer.

The way Daniel Bryan and Cesaro keep going back and forth with these teases, something could happen long before that.

Cesaro has been in a pretty good spot the past few months on Monday Night Raw as he had a great feud with Sheamus and the two have now formed a successful tag team. Unfortunately, they haven’t won the Raw Tag Team Titles and have just fallen back into place. Cesaro has expressed his displeasure with Monday nights at times and if his Raw “contract” is up soon, you can bet Daniel Bryan will bring him to SmackDown LIVE.

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