Lindsay Lohan Feels Fine After Being A Mean Girl To Ariana Grande

Lindsay Lohan has been making headlines more for her Instagram postings rather than her acting talent. The former Disney star visited former Nickelodeon star Ariana Grande’s Instagram page over a week ago, and gave her a piece of her mind.

The former Mean Girls star literally took a page out of Regina George’s epic Burn Book. Lohan decided to critique Grande’s makeup. Lohan made Grande’s fans angry when she commented on the singer’s Instagram page this past week, writing a series of comments that read “too much makeup” on each of Grande’s selfies, according to the Daily News.

The “Dangerous Woman” singer shared various photos of her dressed up as Penny Pingleton for her role on NBC’s Hairspray Live, which will air in the early part of December. Grande also shared a behind-the-scenes look for her new fragrance, Sweet as Candy. Lohan didn’t like Grande’s look and decided to get the pint-size diva a piece of her mind.

All three of the comments were seen under Grande’s photos by Lohan herself and two of them showed her dressed up as her Hairspray Live character, according to the screen grabs obtained by Art of Shade. One even included the caption “Penny Lou P,” clearly stating that Grande was dressed up as the character. It’s also clear that Grande’s dress rehearsal and makeup were for the promotional shots for the upcoming NBC special.

Lohan has taken her own advice and has rocked the makeup-free look during her travels. Meanwhile, Grande has not yet responded to Lohan’s remarks. Grande’s fans, however, have since taken to Lohan’s Instagram page to make the same remarks about her looks and makeup – or lack thereof. According to the International Business Times, Lohan is focusing on positivity, especially around the holiday season.

On Wednesday, Nov. 23, Lohan took to twitter to tell her millions of fans that she’s “feeling thankful” in time for Thanksgiving. She echoed the same sentiments when she posted a Snapchat photo along with the caption, “having a good day today.”

Grande’s fans won’t let her hear the last of it though. Over on Twitter, many fans of the songstress left the same “too much makeup” comments on Lohan’s latest tweets. Others slammed the troubled starlet for her previous struggles with drug and alcohol abuse.

Feeling thankful

— Lindsay Lohan (@lindsaylohan) November 23, 2016

“What did you snort this time?” one wrote.

“For what? Did your dealer come through for you?” another added.

Lohan couldn’t escape negative comments on Instagram as well. Grande’s fans have been cruelly bashing the actress for her looks. That hasn’t stopped her from posting non-stop selfies though.

“Too much drugs,” one wrote while another chimed in that Lohan needs to spread more love rather than hate on social media.

“I guess your role on mean girls [sic] went beyond the movie and into your actual life, where you felt the need to comment rudely on someone else’s posts. How did that rude comment work for you? Cause it seems to have backfired just a bit. So much hate in the world, and you choose to spread more of it. Shame… You should be using your role as a celebrity and role model to spread positivity not hate.”

Lohan may have responded to her haters with this latest photo of a green garden along with the caption, “Namaste appreciate the beauty of good things in life today. Share wisdom & love with a friend who needs it.”

Let us know your thoughts. Do you think Lindsay Lohan’s comments on Ariana Grande’s Instagram page were uncalled for? Or, do you think that everyone is overreacting? Sound off below in the comments section.

[Featured Image by Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images for Damiani]