‘Legends Of Tomorrow’ Spoilers: Legends Wraps Up The Big CW Crossover Event Deus Ex Machina Style [Spoilers]

Heed the warning that the following will look at possible Legends of Tomorrow spoilers for this week’s big CW crossover event. Legends of Tomorrow is serving as the fourth and final act of this massive crossover, providing – presumably – a resolution for the alien invasion crisis our heroes are also facing on Supergirl, The Flash, and Arrow. But this show will also serve a very different purpose.

Caity Lotz of ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ and ‘Supergirl’s’ Melissa Benoist, [Image by The CW]

Worldwide Legends of Tomorrow Spoilers

When speaking about spoilers, we normally mean spoilers about the show, not spoilers in the show. But as we have already seen in the various trailers and teaser videos put out by the CW for this huge superhero happening, the Earth actually gets invaded by an alien race called the Dominators. This means worldwide spoilers, with everyone knowing about the existence of aliens.

In addition to the fact that the heroes have to somehow – over the course of four nights – gather together and find a way to defeat this menacing threat from the stars, they’re also going to face a very big problem when it comes to the ongoing continuity. They are either going to have to allow the general public to know that aliens exist or find some deus ex machina approach for making it all go away.

As pointed out by The Washington Post, they been able to do this on The Flash by simply having Barry run back in time and change the timeline. That way, no matter how many times he and Iris expressed their undying love for each other, they can always reset everything and start all over again. Although as demonstrated by Flashpoint at the beginning of the season, this doesn’t always work out perfectly for the characters.

But even aside from the Flash’s less than stellar record when it comes to resetting the universe, there’s another reason they won’t be able to use this approach this time. If the Flash were going to reset the timeline, it would almost certainly be done on his own show. But since Legends of Tomorrow is the last show in this week’s crossover event, it’s going to have to be worked out there.

Fortunately, Legends of Tomorrow is even more about time travel than The Flash. This makes them the perfect vehicle for finally resolving the Dominator invasion crisis and – at the same time – wiping any memory of the invasion from history.

Thanks, Legends of Tomorrow

Spoilers about aliens being removed from the minds of the general populace – using some Legends of Tomorrow time travel paradox – is all well and good, but it will also mean that all memory of these events will disappear from the minds of the heroes on the other three CW superhero shows.

Essentially – if they take this approach – it will be as if the Supergirl, The Flash, and Arrow episodes of next week were never even broadcast. The only characters that would actually remember what happened would be the Legends of Tomorrow crew.

Yes, we would know. But that almost makes it worse. It has a disturbingly Dallas feel to it, like Bobby Ewing stepping out of the shower to find that the Dominators are gone.

Despite the logic of the above scenario, we can all hope that the Legends of Tomorrow spoilers laid out above aren’t entirely on the nose. If they do take this approach to removing public knowledge of aliens from the entire planet, it’ll seem like a cheap copout. So maybe a better option really would be to simply let everyone know there are aliens. After all, in the alternate universe, Supergirl lives in everyone knows aliens exist. They don’t necessarily like them, but they know about them.

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