‘Supergirl’ Spoilers For The CW’s Big Weeklong DC Superhero Crossover

The following has potential Supergirl spoilers for the upcoming episode that will be part of The CW’s massive weeklong superhero crossover between its four hugely popular DC-based superhero shows, Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow, and Legends of Tomorrow. Over the last week or two, the CW has released a series of teaser videos with clues about the crossover and the Supergirl episode itself.

What Teasers Show about Supergirl

Spoilers we’ve seen so far include several variations on a scene in which Supergirl – played by Melissa Benoist – arrives at what appears to be a Star Labs warehouse via a wormhole that the Flash – with Cisco’s assistance – created to bring her over from the Multi-verse’s version of Supergirl’s the Earth. This is quickly followed by a meet and greet in which Barry introduces Supergirl to Oliver/Green Arrow and the entire gang.

Of course, this introduction also serves the purpose of allowing people who normally don’t watch Supergirl to be introduced to her character – while at the same time allowing Supergirl fans to be introduced to the superheroes on all the other shows.


Other Potential Supergirl Spoilers

There are several other little vignettes that give us an idea of how Supergirl will interact with the others during the big crossover event, such as her humorous discussion with Heat Wave regarding the origin of his name. But one of the more interesting hints came from the EW interview in which Caity Lotz – who plays White Canary/Sara Lance on Legends of Tomorrow– suggests that Sara might have a thing for Supergirl.

But even aside from the huge crossover event taking place this week, there are plenty of other things happening on Supergirl this Monday sure to interest fans of the show.

For instance, Supergirl’s adoptive sister Alex – as played by Chyler Leigh – appears to be on the verge of making a general announcement about her newfound sexual orientation at a family and friends Thanksgiving dinner being held at Kara/Supergirl’s apartment.

As occurs at all too many family Thanksgiving celebrations, a blue swirling wormhole suddenly opens over the dining table just as Alex – who’s more than a little drunk – is about the make her big announcement. Don’t you hate it when that happens?

'Supergirl' spoilers. Barry introduces Cisco to Kara.
‘Supergirl’ spoilers. Barry introduces Cisco to Kara. [Image by The CW]

It’s safe to assume that this occurs somewhere fairly early in the episode since this is almost certainly a failed attempt by Cisco and Barry to pop over from their universe to pick up Supergirl. Presumably, somewhere closer to the end of the episode we’ll see Barry and Cisco show up to invite Supergirl to Earth One.

We also get a scene in which the real Hank Henshaw – who is now also Cyborg Superman thanks to Project Cadmus – sneaks into Superman’s Fortress of solitude and hacks the computer using Kara’s Kryptonian blood. He’s apparently searching for something mysteriously known as “Medusa.”

Monel Supergirl Spoilers

Another interesting possible subplot in this story seems to revolve around Mike/Monel and Supergirl’s adoptive mother, Doctor Eliza Danvers – played by Helen Slater. Danvers happens to be a brilliant bioengineer – in both the comics and the television series. This helps make sense of the scene in which she is standing over Mike lying in a hospital bed.

It’s possible that the show is finally going to deal with the somewhat awkward allergy Mike has to lead. In the comic books, a green skinned super genius from the far into the future Legion of Superheroes cures him of his lead issues. Could it be that – since the Legion of Superheroes isn’t around – Doctor Danvers will step in to fill this role so that Mike can safely lick a pencil?

It could even be possible– massive potential Supergirl spoilers – that by the end of the episode Mike is fully cured and dressed in his Monel costume. This would let him stand in for Supergirl while she heads off to join the other CW superheroes as they fight the approaching alien menace from the stars. Supposedly, the costume for this character is going to closely resemble the one he wore in the comics. In other words, it will look a lot like Superman’s but with the colors reversed.

[Featured Image by The CW]

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